April 15, 2024

Kris Kristofferson by Fans, for Fans

In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

Rams Head Kristofferson Tickets 2019

Kristofferson Annapolis – On Stage at the Rams Head with the Strangers.

Following on with concert reviews for those that couldn’t be there, Kristofferson in Annapolis with Scott Joss, Ben Haggard, Doug Colosio & the boys was a cosy, friendly event.

I wasn’t there, but Carole was and she’s fine with us flipping through her pics with her sister – And we’re fine with you joining us.

I can’t see Jeff? Was he around?

The Bus

We’ve heard a bit about the busses lately, and we’ll share that Q&A soon. Nothing works without them.

Kristofferson Annapolis Bus

The Rams Head is the perfect setting to hear music. Intimate, friendly and oh so close.

On Stage – Kris & Doug

Of course, there’s a stage. The guys filled it just fine.

Kristofferson Annapolis Rams Head

Snug Fit

It’s the snugness that makes these small venues so welcoming. Loving the view, the hue and the artwork.

Whisky was the drink of the evening. Music was the massage of the soul. Okay, nobody really drank (much) whisky, hence we got great photographs – Still, we are in a dream here, so latitude, please.

Kristofferson Annapolis Rams Head Stage

Ben, Doug & Scott with Kris

There they are – Entertaining the crowd with their friendship and warmth while delivering that smooth, gritty perfection that we adore. (Is that Jeff’s drumstick we see?)

Kristofferson Annapolis Lineup

Greeting the Fans

It’s rare these days, but it does happen when the stars align. Confirmed – This fan did get her hug – Source – Anon

Kristofferson Annapolis Meet Greet

Bodies & Guards


Bodyguard: “Well how would you like to be 83 years old and still touring every night?”

Fan: “Well, he’s 82 he’ll be 83 in June.”

Bodyguard: “Well, thanks for correcting me.”

Thankfully, that is a whole lot of “well” – Long may it continue. Perfect gentlemen, one and all.

Kristofferson Annapolis Fans

Music Check

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