October 1, 2023

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Kris Kristofferson to Tour Australia and New Zealand 2019

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Kris Kristofferson is touring Australia and New Zealand in 2019. We are expecting dates to be announced and confirmed in the next few weeks.

The news is out – Well, sort of.

Fans tuned into Channel 9 on Australian television heard it today. Kris Kristofferson is touring Australia and New Zealand in 2019. We are expecting dates to be announced and confirmed in the next few weeks.

Kris Kristofferson last toured this part of the world during his the Feeling Mortal tour in 2014. This time, he is rumoured to be taking his current lineup along with him. We’ll confirm when we know, but if Scott and the guys are with Kris, then fans are in for a treat.

Janice Campbell – Gig Momentos 2005 and 2014

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It is funny how life knits together. My cousin who lives in Australia sent me some photographs of an autographed guitar which is on display in Tamworth.

Country Music Hall of Fame Display Tamworth, Australia March 2019

Tamworth is well known as the country music capital of Australia. Looking back, I note that Kris performed there in 2014. It would be an easy guess that he’ll probably do it again this time around.



Feeling Mortal

The Feeling Mortal album is Kris’ 28th. Produced by Don Was in just a few days, the album includes guitarist Mark Goldenberg, pedal steel master Greg Leisz, keyboardist Matt Rollins, violinist and vocalist Sara Watkins, bassist Sean Hurley and drummer Aaron Sterling.

Tour 2019

In Kris’ current tour of the USA and Europe, he is backed by Jeff Ingraham on drums, Doug Colosio on keys and the acclaimed Scott Joss on the fiddle. Kris is not currently promoting a new album, but Scott has a new album featuring Kris performing on two of the tracks.

It’s available from Amazon.com – and if you order through one of our links, our site gets a comm. Every little helps.

How Far to Jordan

Try this link to order from the UK. It also shows a larger pic of the artwork.

Scott Joss – How Far to Jordan

The current line up has been on the road for a long time now. The guys were part of the band that previously backed Merle Haggard. When kris toured Europe last year, fans groaned with disappointment, We had all come to love, appreciate and respect the intimate solo performance of just Kris Kristofferson and his Gibson. Of course, they grabbed tickets and went anyway.

There are many fan reviews on the site about the gig. The one from Essen includes a video of the entire show. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates. We’ll never spam you, but we’ll be able to let you know if anything big happens or when we actually write that newsletter.

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