Ulster Hall, Belfast, 1995

Kris Kristofferson Belfast 1995

Kris Kristofferson Belfast 1995 was part of a UK u0026amp; ROI wide tour. He appeared at the Ulster Hall, Belfast in March.

  • Kris Kristofferson has toured the Northern Ireland u0026amp; the Republic of Ireland many times over the years
  • He has often expressed a particular fondness for both countries
  • Pictures from Belfast in 2012 
  • In 1995, he sported his now famous Peltier T Shirt – More here
  • A review from the London section of the tour mentioned the chosen area /venue, “bizarre seeing this country legend in Harlesden but he a good 2 hour set .”
  • The London venue was the Mean Fiddler – The review made me curious….

The venue owner from 1981 wrote a note which seems to explain the anomaly – “It used to be a dodgy drinking club owned by boxer, Terry Downes, before Vince bought it. It was hard for them to get an alcohol license, so it was illegal. There were a lot of heavy gangsters who used to come here then. A couple of bodies were found in this alleyway at one point. I bought it in 1981 because I wanted to turn it into a honky tonk bar. I used to go to Nashville so that inspired me. I loved country music.”  Source

  • That review site provides a glimpse into other bands on tour at the time which I found interesting
  • Kris appeared in tv movies, Inflammable u0026amp; TAD (Kris as Lincoln) which were released the same year


Fan Pics from Ulster Hall Concert, Belfast, 1995

Kind permission Noman Nabney

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