March 4, 2024

Kris Kristofferson by Fans, for Fans

In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

The Concert – Art by Fans, for Fans


The Concert is a piece by Melody J Fisher

The author says that she wrote this about her evening as a ‘teenager’ – and is sure that some of us would relate to it.

I thought how easily Melody’s emotional polaroid snap took me right back to the way I felt as a young girl after first hearing Kris perform. A moment later I laughed at myself. Exposure to Kris Kristofferson on radio, cd or at a gig will evoke the teenage spirit in me until the day I die

This is a special piece by a perceptive writer.

The Concert

The stage was black, the spotlight was dim…
A microphone stood, just waiting for him.
I was excited, finding my seat…
Knowing full well, I was in for a treat.

A calm held the crowd, it was time to begin…
The spotlight got brighter, as I waited for him.
For years I adored him, for the songs he’d composed…
He captured my heart from the start, I suppose.

He stepped up on stage, took his place on his mark…
Nodded towards the crowd, and lit up the dark.
We all went wild, as he sang that first song…
From the very first note, he could do no wrong.

I was enraptured, each song was my treasure…
I basked in his glory, my joy beyond measure.
I was far from alone in my admiration…
Just one of thousands, in my estimation.

He held us all, in the palm of his hand…
Charming, yet humble, a legend, this man.
Too soon it was over, the night couldn’t last…
Like a dream he was gone, like a ghost from my past.

But for a few hours, he gave back my youth…
Drenched me in music, and words full of truth.
I faded back to the present, when it was done…
Freshly inspired, by Kristofferson.

The Concert and the featured image are both
© 11/12/2016 MJFisher, Revised 2/27/2019 and shared here with kind permission. Want more? Check our FanMail

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