Kris Kristofferson Tour 2018 – Essen, Germany 13 June 2018

Kris Kristofferson Tour 2018 – Europe

Kris Kristofferson Tour 2018 is well underway. The audience at the gig in Germany enjoyed an intimate performance by Kris u0026amp; some close friends from the Strangers. They have been touring extensively together, u0026amp; are clearly very comfortable sharing a stage. The venue provided exceptionally high quality, crystal clear audio u0026amp; this fan video captured the moment.

Kris Kristofferson Tour 2018 – Essen, Germany, 13 June 2018

This concert in Essen, Germany was a huge success. A generous fan took some video so those of who weren’t there can get a taste of what to expect when the tour hits their town u0026amp; they get a chance to see Kris u0026amp; the boys live.

Scott Joss u0026amp; Doug Colosio u0026amp; Jeff Ingraham played their hearts out u0026amp; added the Strangers flair to the evening. Scott Joss was particularly kind when it came to autographs. Thanks, Scott – We know it’s been a long haul but these things mean so much to us.

Thanks to the generous fan who shared this.

Kris Kristofferson, Essen, Germany, 2018 – Pictures

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Kris Kristofferson, Essen, Germany, 2018 – Video

The video audio is amazing, I can only imagine how it sounded live 🙂

Link to the fan video below. Tell us what you think, u0026amp; send in your own vids u0026amp; pics.

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Kris Kristofferson – Essen 2018


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