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Kris Kristofferson by Fans, for Fans

In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

Road Talk Q & A

Kristoffferson on Euro tour 2018

Ever wondered about the Kristofferson tour details? We asked some questions, and we got some answers. Feature pic of Kris Kristofferson with Scott Joss and his wife, Judy with Jeff Ingraham.

Q: When you travel from place to place, do you have a big tour bus and all ride together? Or do you travel separately in vehicles or RVs or just fly? (Barbara and Sue)

A: I know when they are in Europe, Kris and Lisa are on one bus, and the band has another one. Just as gorgeous! Not sure what they are doing this round – Lisa Wisnoski Robbins

A: I think I can answer this question for the European Tour: they have TWO tour buses… “Beat the Street” from Austria. Those great black buses. I’m always excited when I see them. The bus driver would be their bodyguard as well.  They sleep in them, not in hotels. One bus is for the Strangers and one for Kris and Lisa. I think, 8 people could sleep on this bus. Tina Stapelfeldt

A: The bus that the band uses (past in Europe) has an 8-bed bunk room and an extra “living room” type space on the bus instead of a bedroom. There are different kinds of tour buses. The bus often used in Europe has a bedroom and a bunk room. Sometimes they sleep on the bus (certainly if they are driving overnight) and if anyone in the family is travelling with them, then they sleep in the bunk room that has 6 “super comfortable.” bunks in it. The bus has blackout curtains so from inside, there is little that gives an idea of what time it is which is good for the (sometimes) weird tour schedule – Anon

A: You have the correct info for the European run…this run we’re on now has Kris and Lisa on a bus and there are two great Van’s we travel in as the distances between shows are around two hours or so…we get in and out really fast that way! – Scott Joss

Q: When you fly to and back home from Europe, how do you manage all the baggage that you need for the tour? Do you do laundry while touring? Who does the cooking or do you go out for every meal? Tina Stapelfedt

A: Tina Stapelfeldt not much to carry…a fiddle, one small suitcase (with a week’s worth of clothes)and a backpack…I carry a lot of books with me…the amp gets shipped. Yes, we do laundry when we can…there is usually food backstage…breakfast, we go out…lunch backstage…and Kris and Lisa take us to dinner with them on occasion – Scott Joss

Q: How do they manage baggage on tour? (A few people asked this)

A: Lisa is a superwoman. She usually manages all of her and Kris’ bags at the airport. I imagine that the band manages their own belongings (I’ve never travelled with them). While they are on a bus the bus drivers will generally help with getting merch and guitars and stuff in and out of venues. Recently Scott’s wife has been doing Merch though so she probably handles that these days – Anon

Q: I travelled on the road for many years myself-nothin like great home cooking (like chicken on a Sunday mornin’) …so…who is the best cook/chef…on and off the road?…Ps. y’all invited to my cuisine anytime xoxoxo – Michael Danyluck

A: I don’t know about the band members, but Lisa does all the cooking for Kris & the family. They don’t cook on the road. Mostly they eat whatever food is at the venues and sandwiches from grocery stores. While food brought by fans is very kind, they usually won’t eat it because they had a bad experience with an extra ingredient being added one time. lol – Anon

Q: I have another I just thought of. After seeing Scott and his beautiful mane, do you all do your own hair or do you have a hairstylist on board with you? LOL I mean, my gosh, yours and Kris’ hair looks better than mine! – Barbara

A: They do it themselves as far as I’m aware. They (The Strangers) are a pretty low maintenance bunch. He (Kris) definitely does his own hair. “I’ve never seen anyone else try to do his hair or makeup (for movies or stage) but I can imagine that he would not like it. He generally doesn’t like to be fussed over (while touring)”- Anon

A: Yeah, I do my own hair…gel, blow dryer…and quite a bit of hairspray! Takes about 30 mins! Dwight “suggested,” I do something with my usually straight hair way back in 1988…so, “the hair” became what it is…if you see me onstage with a hat, you’ll know I was too lazy or didn’t have the time to get it done…! – Scott Joss

Credits: Pic coutesy Scott Joss from the Europe 2018 tour

Remember the dinner I mentioned in my last post? Well, it was a great evening spent in a group of new and longtime friends…around a table loaded down with some of the most amazing Austrian cuisine ever! 
The owner of “Beat The Street” (the bus co. who’s busses we are privileged to have) and his wife, Kris and Lisa, Jörg and Lee our amazing drivers…and, of course, us…the little ol’ band…Jeff, Doug, Judy, me and Loren. A magical moment in the adventure we are part of…Wow “

Scott Joss 2018

Scott Joss – The new alum

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