Kris Kristofferson Tour 2018 Sweden

Kris Kristofferson Tour 2018 Sweden

9 June 2018

The European tour is off to a great start. Kris Kristofferson Tour 2018 Sweden provided a unique venue u0026amp; gave the boys a great tour kick off. Fans have been very positive about the tour so far.

They are saying that

  • Kris looks amazing
  • Kris is having a great time on stage
  • The band have a lovely rapport
  • They somewhat miss the banter with the crowd that the solo gigs allow
  • Scott Joss is getting mentioned repeatedly as being kind u0026amp; gracious to fans. Thank you, Scott. Fans travel far u0026amp; appreciate any attention offered, so big thanks to Mr Joss,

Fan Photos u0026amp; Video

Following on the amazing fan footage from the later gig in Essen

Kris spoke of hoping to work with Merle during an earlier visit to Sweden- back during the Feeling Mortal tour.

It seems the hope was to reignite some of the Highwaymen magic, u0026amp; I think this dream did come true – u0026amp; might explain why he is backed by some of the Strangers on this tour.

We have some pictures from Dalhalla in Rättvik, Dalarnas län on Jun 9, 2018. )This gig was before Essen, but we received permission to share the material after the Essen mateial was published. So much for maths – Enjoy the pics 🙂

Photos from Sweden

These are private pictures belonging to Johan Sjöstrand – u0026amp; he is kindly sharing them with us. Thank you, Johan – For all of us who couldn’t be there.

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Video Clips from Sweden

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