Joe Jakubowski

8 Track car cassette

Joe Jakubowski is a music fan.

We like him because he has a lot of respect for Kris Kristofferson. 

Kris might even be one of Joe’s most loved songwriters – He’s not telling, so we’re guessing. Guessing while we checkout the wall coverings in his mancave.

Favourite Songs

Joe’s favorite songs vary, but Billie Dee and Nobody Wins are both on the list.

Joe also plays a lot of Kris’ stuff on his guitar but he hasn’t let us hear any of them yet. We remain hopeful … 

Joe’s been listening to Kristofferson since the says of big cars with big cassette players. Over the years, he’s replaced some fat cassettes the thinner tapes.  He also has a sizeable collection of vinyl records u0026amp; CDs – Some are the same albums in different formats. 

Joe likes songs that tell a story u0026amp; express the atmosphere u0026amp; feelings within a narrative. Unsurprisingly, his music collection is heavily weighted with the work of singer/songwriters. 

They say a picture paints 1000 words. Here’s a look at his mancave walls … 


Loving Her Was Easier – By Joe Jakubowski

Joe’s cover of the beautiful Kris Kristofferson song

Loving Her Was Easier by Joe Jakubowski

Billy Dee

Billy Dee – Joe Jakubowski



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