April 15, 2024

Kris Kristofferson by Fans, for Fans

In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

Coolidge Kristofferson Jones Family 1972


Coolidge Kristofferson Jones Family 1972

This beautiful family portrait was shared and I have linked to it for you.

Kris looks amazing, and the Coolidge sisters look so happy and relaxed.

Notes from the post 

Jim photographed the family at the ranch in Malibu. Booker T Jones bought the ranch when he first moved to California.

Kris Kristofferson would soon marry Rita Coolidge. Her sister, Priscilla Coolidge is pictured with her husband, Booker T Jones, along with the Coolidge parents and the Booker family.

You may need Instagram to see the picture, but it certainly deserves a like.  A special moment, a collection of great people who had no idea of what the future would bring.

The link is https://www.instagram.com/p/BfEEcUYFlUE/

Rita Coolidge’s Album

Rita has remained an artistic force since these early days. Following the success of her book, Delta Lady, she has recently released her new album, Safe in the Arms of Time. If the link below takes you to a UK link, just search to locate it in your country. Our site gets a small comm if you purchase through this link.

You can also buy direct via Rita’s website, and keep updated on the latest news.

2 thoughts on “Coolidge Kristofferson Jones Family 1972

  1. I was marred to the 3rd sister (Linda) when the family lived in Jacksonville Fl. Her father ( preacher)married ) us in the home we lived in at the time.

    1. Hi, Julian – What incredible memories you must have from a special era. Thank you for sharing a tiny glimpse with us,it really does help us to understand a little more about the background, life & families of musicians and artists that we hold so dear. It’s a shame that you aren’t in this picture, & that Linda isn’t either – Is this possibly due to an ag difference, or simply the circumstances on the day? Wonderful hearing from you, thanks for reaching out & really hoping to see you here again. Best regards, Donna PS: If you ever want to share more, add some memories or even photographs – You know where we are 🙂

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