The Mirror Peter Walsh – a birthday gift for Kris Kristofferson

Mirror Peter Walsh

The Mirror Peter Walsh says it all

The Mirror Peter Walsh says it like I wish I could. The title fascinated me. I came across this poem while pondering how much Kris’ work references mirrors. Coincidence? Perhaps. I read it, u0026amp; read it again… u0026amp; again. You might, too. I hope Kris Kristofferson got a glimpse of how much his life u0026amp; work mean to many.

  • Peter has been a fan of Kris’ since he was 15. He is 54 at the time of writing. 
  • Peter wrote THE MIRROR for Kris Kristofferson – For his (Kris’) 79th Birthday.
  • Kris read it. It reached him via his son who passed it on to his Dad,  through his mother.

When Jesse Kristofferson texted Peter to tell him that reading the poem made his Dad  Puff up with Pride,  Peter was “chuffed to hear such a literate man enjoyed my humble offerings . . .”

Peter’s work is a wonderful tribute that expresses the thoughts u0026amp; gratitude of many Kris Kristofferson fans.


THE MIRROR Peter Walsh.

for Kris Kristofferson on his 79th birthday

Oh! How it must have looked back then
How you looked oh so small
As you gazed into your future
In that mirror on the wall

Family is as family does
And God knows that we need ’em
But that image in the glass ahead
Is the doorway to your freedom

Like old worn boots, you walked that path
With a voice like liquid gravel
The easy way, was not your way
You chose the road less travelled

It’s hard at times to stare into
A face that’s done you wrong
But that Silver Tongued Devil, sometimes
Sold your Soul out, for a song

The image misted over
‘Til there was no you, no more
The dust, it lay down heavy
On that Mirror, on the wall

Though at times you felt forsaken
In your vision of tomorrow
Your faith remained, unbroken
You proved stronger than your sorrow

The Shadows, in the darkness
Lead you closer to the fall
Your distance from the Mirror
made your Heroes, seem so tall

We watched you from a distance
As you seen your image clear
And small we stood, yet plentiful
We held your vision dear

At last we see your happiness
A Soul without a blemish
No more a time of emptiness
Content, in your own image

Your life, a Golden Spiral
Equal in its distortion
An Infinite Holy Wonder
In its own Divine Proportion

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The Mirror is © Peter Walsh

Featured image is CC The image was altered in Picassa. The original by Eugene Birchall is found here 

Source : Peter Walsh

© unless otherwise stated
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