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Kris Kristofferson Kirby Center & the Strangers

Kris seldom does autographs or meet and greets these days – He openly admits that sometimes a gig goes on way past his bedtime – Our spirited and resourceful fans, in the true spirit of things, made a plan. Anyways, they’d promised to bring the rest of something back.

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Blame it on the Stones lyrics meaning

Wrtitten by Kristofferson/John Wilken Blame it on the Stones lyrics meaning : A Study by Fans From Kris Kristofferson – the AlbumReleased 1970 (Monument) Re-released 1970 as Me and Bobby...

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How Many Kristofferson Songs are there?

Kris Kristofferson is a prolific song writer. How many Kristofferson songs are there exactly? What’s missing and what shouldn’t be on this list? The following is by John Buckley Please...

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