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In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

Kristofferson Unicef Gift of Song ’79


Kristofferson Unicef was a fitting combination – Almost as fitting as his relationship with Coolidge. Times change, people evolve. The Unicef event and these massively talented individuals broke ground then that resonates today – Maybe louder than ever.

The Gift of Song fundraiser proved to be just one in a long of causes that Kris and Rita have put their weight (well, gravitas anyway) behind over the years. They have both quietly supported human and children’s charities right through his careers.

Unicef Gift of Song ’79

Where? United Nations General Assembly Hall

When? 9 January, 1979

Why? Raise funds supporting UNICEF efforts to combat world hunger

The concert most importantly marked the International Year of the Child

WHEN I look at this ‘photo of rehearsals for The Music For UNICEF Concert in 1979, I remember the event’s wonderful spirit.

Rita Coolidge


International Year of the Child

This was a landmark. It raised awareness of the plight of children worldwide. Many unpleasant issues were raised. Nasties like teenage pregnancy, child labour and other evils that are well publicised today were largely ignored by western countries of the era.

The event proved to be one of many stepping stones that led to an international treaty, the Convention on the Rights of the Child that came into effect on 2 September 1990. This matters because it nailed down sentiment into a legally binding agreement that protects children from evils like being sold, used in pornography and as weapons of war.

These issues remain highly relevant today. Child soldiers are used as combatants and even human shields in many of the conflicts playing out today – and that’s just for starters.


The fight to protect children continues. The Convention has changed and remains a dynamic treaty. Cultural differences continue to find consensus, like

The age of consent

The age when an individual is regarded as an adult

Child marriages regarded as slavery

What sort of work is permissable and under which circumstances

Parental consent vs the law

Kristofferson – Coolidge the Protection of Children

Kris Kristofferson remains an active contributor to projects that protect children. During the last few years, he has donated the proceeds of concerts to a children’s’ charity in Ireland. He also supported War Child. These are just a few examples. Many of Kris Kristofferson’s donations remain under publicised.

Rita Coolidge has spent a large portion of her time and money promoting traditional and minority rights. Like Kris, much of this goes unreported. They both care. Honestly.

Kris and Rita – Unicef Gift of Song 1979

The Kristofferson-Coolidge connection continues today. It is easy to see what has kept the lovers, spouses, exes and now friends and iconic artists aligned through the years.

We’ll close with a touching quote from Rita from June, 2018.

WHEN I look at this photo of rehearsals for The Music For UNICEF Concert in 1979, I remember the event’s wonderful spirit. It brought people together for the children, without egos. I sang Fallen Angels with Kris Kristofferson, my then husband.

Rita Coolidge

Where are they Now

They are still giving us the gift of song. Both on Tour. Separate, fiercely individual yet in some ways, parallel. Kris’ tour is actively followed by this site. Rita Coolidge is on tour promoting her new album.

Rita Coolidge continues to blaze her own path. Following on from the success of her book, Delta Lady, she is currently promoting her new album.

The couple still shares many of the values and passions that made them THE power couple of the era before the term was thought of.

The secret of eternal youth might well be ….. kindness.

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Featured image is courtesy of Tina Stapelfeldt, Rita Coolidge artwork used with kind consent.

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