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Kris Kristofferson by Fans, for Fans

In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

How did you become a Kris Kristofferson Fan?

Become a Kris Kristofferson Fan

Emily Gmitter asked, “How did you become a Kris Kristofferson fan?”

Some of the answers made us smile. We hope you enjoy them, too. If you would like to tell add your story, tell us. Format is

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Barbara Kendall

I have a confession to make to the Group! I am a beginner when it comes to Kris Kristofferson – all you guys know him, his songs, his life, so well – I only really discovered him deeply (always like his songs, but that was it) when I saw him in the movie A Star is Born, a coupla months ago!

Oh God, I thought, how did I miss this wonderful man and his life and times of music? I really don’t know – he was always in the background, always loved his music, but WOW once I saw that little Kris smile, heard him sing his heart out, I was WON.

So now I am a Kris Tragic, which in Australia means, an obsessed Fan – Today I watched him sing “Me and Bobby McGee” with The Highwaymen, and was blown away – He wrote it, he sings it the best of the 4, he turns and jigs and enjoys the hell out of it!

For the rest of my life I will cling higher and harder, and faster and further than I’ve ever been! 

Adam Jones

Casey’s last ride and Taxi Driver

Martin Languth

In the seventies I saw Cisco Pike on TV and went out to buy my first record ever by Kris Kristoffersen.

Dolly Price

My father told me about Kris. When I moved to Toronto I heard that Kris was appearing at Massey Hall and the rest is history. Loved him ever since and will never miss a concert. I have never followed a celebrity the way I follow this legend.

Fiona Cant

My big sister was a fan and little sister just seemed to follow in her footsteps. Loved him ever since. That’s nearly 45 years.

Jane Lopiparo

I saw him in New York City at Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center in 1973! I was hooked!

Maxine Marcus

I saw him in Chicago, one of the first shows he ever did, and that was it.

William Mitchell Christie

When I was 17 I bought pearl the Janis Joplin album and I was looking at the credit Kris Kristofferson on the Bobby McGee track and that’s where it started.

Lillian Shurtleff

Have been for a long time–believe it started back in the early to mid 60s when my then husband to be was stationed at Ft. Benning. Saw most of his movies at the post theaters throughout the years. We didn’t have tv so listened to military radio and lps.. wish I still had them

Gregg Tomusko

I always looked at the author when I heard a moving song. It started with Janis Joplin (Bobbie McGee) , I bought the only Kris album my college store had – even though it did not have this song, and loved every take (The Silver Tongued Devi)l. Johnny Cash’s Sunday Mornin’ also great, but by that time already buying every album Kirs releases.

Janice E Ingham

I was introduced to Kris’ music by my dad in approx 1970 (I was 12). I still have his copy of “The Silver Tongue Devil and I”. The first song I remember hearing that he wrote but was recorded by another artist was “Help Me Make it Thu the Night”. I watched “Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid” my father. My dad had great taste! (NB: I took my youngest daughter with me to see Kris when she was about 15yrs old (about 17yrs ago). We had decent seats and she got a pretty good look at him. She leaned over and said “He’s good looking for a guy his age”.I said “He’s the same age as Grandpa Keith (my dad)” to which she replied “That’s just wrong” LOL

Peter Walsh

Watched the Movie CONVOY in the local Ormonde Cinema in Cobh. 6 nights out of the 7-night showings, after that he became one of my heroes A cousin told me of the Me & Boggy Mc Gee album which I purchased soon after and learned each and every song by heart. I was 15 years old, I didn’t own a watch and used tell the time while working odd jobs by singing the album through, beginning to end! Once round was 45 minutes approx. twice was an hour and a half! The things we do!

Ron Randolph

Seeing him on TV in the late 60s singing. Then in the 1970s Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid! I saw Kris in person at the Ryman when he did a one man show after being put into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame! I bought this album in ’70s – I was in the Army when I saw this Album cover and thought to myself, These guys are dope-smoking hippies and sing country music. Big Fan ever since !

Diane Darwish

My friend’s boyfriend (husband now) brought the first Album for us to listen to, about the same time Cisco Pike came out. We went to see it too. of course! Loved him ever since!!! That was the early 70s.

Phyllis Miller

Heard him sing once and I’ve been a fan ever since way back when .my Dad love him on “Loving her “ he is awesome

Gina Kemal

Seeing him in Cisco Pike many years ago. In those days you used to see 2 films at the cinema. I went to see Easy Rider and got to see Cisco Pike as well. And that was the start! I have lost count of how many times I’ve seen Kris. The most recent was in Hyde Park in July and I look forward to his next visit to England.

Michele Clemens

Introduced to the Silver Tongue Devil album in 1973
One album and 46 years later

Victoria Gensheimer Doula

My dad brought home the album Silver Tongued Devil when I was 10 years old.. I was hooked immediately

Gina Amico

His music from the 70s, a star is born, the highwaymen

Ilene Armstrong

Bought an album Me and Bobby Magee with a bearded man on the cover whom I had never heard of but I recognized some of the songs, I thought I was making a huge mistake. I loved every song and his voice was so full of feeling. I went the next day and bought three more of his albums and every one he released after this. That was 1971 or ’72 and I have everything he has done and listen to him every day since that wonderful day that I discovered the genius that is Kris Kristofferson

Season Stone

As a kid growing up in Texas ranch country through the ’70s

Beverly Markham

Watching PBS years ago & saw “The Highwaymen” for the first time!???

Manoel Queiroz

Hello Fellow Members!! My name is Manoel Queiroz I am from Brazil and I have 32 years old and until this morning for me Kris Kristofferson was only an actor who I had a hard time writing his name when I needed to say or write something about “A Star is Born” but while listening to some Sturgill Simpson songs YouTube offered me an opportunity to discover one of Kris’s songs, namely “Duvalier’s Dreams” and then my life changed because I went to listen to all the other songs from his first album. Suddenly I felt like I had discovered a gold mine, a voice that could tell me things I needed to listen but so far I didn’t know where to find them somehow his voice became like a father voice that I never had. So I discovered that I have a long journey with him. And what can I expect from that? It will be long? It will be the kind of journey who changes your life for better? And this will lead me to other singers like him? Just to finish now that I listened to his first album I wanna know all I can about him and I hope to make great friends here.

In the start of the week that just ended I listened to the first album of Kris and here is my point of view about it. How could I have lived so far without knowing this bestseller in the form of a music album? The lyrics Kris had written in songs like “Just the other side of the Nowhere” – “I’ve got a mind to see the headlights shining. On that old white line between my heart and home.Sick of spendin’ Sundays wishing they were Mondays. Sittin’ in a park alone” or in Duvalier Dreams – “Oh, it’s hard to keep believing when you know you’ve been deceived. To face a lie and dare to try again, but there’s nothing like a woman. With a spell of make-believe to make a new believer of a man. Duvalier took the fickle turns of fortune in his stride” puts him in the same halcyon of guys like Bob Dylan and I didn’t even talk about the famous ones like “Me and Bobby McGee” to stay in one. And about the one that made me have a little laugh while listening was “The Law Is for Protection of the People” that is such a diamond in the form of a 02:40 track. I believe anyone who likes good storytelling or literature should listen to his first album because each song makes you feel like you are watching a short movie in your head!!

Clovis Earl Christman

My brother turned me on to Kristofferson. First time I heard him, I was hooked. Went through high school quoting him and singing his praises. My peers thought I was crazy. Not really…just a rebellious kid like Kristofferson was. Still am today. “The laws are for protection of the people…”

Nan Buxton

Started following him in the late 60s! Haven’t stopped since. That was one smart move I made in my life!

Gérard Leblanc 

J,ai découvert Kris avec Roger Miller et me and Bobby McGee en 1969 et à partir de là j,ai tout acheté ce que j,ai trouvé de Kris et je l,ai vu en spectacle 2 fois en 1972 et 73 à Mtreal.

Loyd Hutchison

My Uncle told me about Kris while I was working on our family farm in 1971. I went out shortly after that and bought Kris’ album! Been a fan ever since!!

Daniel Jacobs

I was introduced to his music by a great friend during my first year at university. 1973. One of the best things that I was privileged to enjoy

Susan Becker 

A friend’s mom listened to his music and then I saw him in a couple of movies….then….at 16
“A Star Is Born” finished me off….

Michael Lukas

I was born into it, still remember loading the 8 track into the player in the old 1974 Plymouth Duster

David Moorad 

I watched the movie Cisco Pike and heard Breakdown (along way from Home). At the time I was a teen and owned two pairs of jeans, a corduroy Levi’s jacket, a pair of high top sneakers and Blitz Weinhard t-shirt. His phrasing touched me and I starting following him. Changed when I met him at a concert at the Wax Museum in Washington, DC. He was sitting at a table with a pretty singer (turned out to be a pretty famous guitarist and performer in her own right) and I acted like a fanatical fan saying words like “Kris Kristofferson, Kris Kristofferson”. He said words like “Slow down there, Hoss and sit down” which I did. He took out a shot glass and poured a liquid into the glass which turned out to be Tequila. It was my first taste and a life long memory.

Sheila Tatar 

I first became a Kris fan in the early 1970s. I went over my friend’s house up the street from me and she always had her albums on the floor and as I walked by the albums I saw that face staring back at me on the album cover and I ran back to .see who was that beautiful man. About a week later my husband at the time said to me you remember that guy named Kris you have the hots for well he’s going to be playing at the celebrity theatre a venue that was close to us. . I literally forgot I had a car and ran up to the theatre so fast it’s a wonder my feet didn’t start smoking. of course, seeing him in concert and hearing him sing wow blew me away and everyone there. I’ve been lucky enough to meet him a couple of times and talked to him for a little bit and it was sheer heaven. And even after 45 years every time I see him I can’t wait to see him again. And that’s how it all started.

Pat Woods 

In the ’70s my uncle bought Kris’ first album home and insisted I listen to it. I was a big fan ever since I was lucky enough to see him before he was mega famous at a rather small venue and that was awesome and he played some fairs in our area. My kids grew up listening to Kris and they are also big fans. My son was lucky to meet him a few times too. I see him when he comes around our area..

Tiana Dreymor

My introduction to Kris was very simple. I was trying to join a record club… you know 10 free records… I could find very FEW Country selections, so this one, Silver Tongued Devil and I, was listed as Country, so I ordered it. I fell in love with Loving Me Was… oh, sorry, that was Loving Her Was Easier…and has been my favorite song ever since.

Susan McDonald Lenihan

It was a year or two before ASIB. I was at a party in ‘74 and someone played one of his albums. That started it for me. Then I saw ASIB and that sealed it for me. My dad was an actor in local theater for years and then got a break and had walk-ons in movies for years afterwards. One year, ‘79-80, he was cast in a small role in Heaven’s Gate and I was thrilled. My dad met him and I felt a special connection

Emily Gmitter

I loved Kris’ commercially known songs, but hadn’t checked him out any further. Went to see ASIB because I was a huge Streisand fan. Connected the name of her gorgeous and talented male co-star with the name of the songwriter of some of my most favorite songs. Brawn, beauty, and brains, all in one guy?? I was hooked. Hubby went out and found me Full Moon, and it was all over. I went out and found everything else I could. Saw him live for the first time in Seattle, WA. Was there on business, got in the room, turned on the radio (it was 1977, remember) and after the long plane ride, hopped in the shower. Came out to an ad on the radio about Kris playing at the Coliseum that weekend. I was supposed to be home and done with business by then. But I booked hotel for a few more days, changed my flight plans, let the hubby know I’d be coming home later because I was going to see Kris live! That was the first time I met him backstage, too….first of many. Been blessed to be able to go to hundreds (literally) of shows and to well known and trusted enough to get into sound checks, pre and post show meets, etc. Those were the good old days and I thank Kris for every one of them!

Doug Mckenna 

I was drunk. Tanked. Knocked down. The woman who I thought was the love of my life dumped me. Crushed me to the core. A year of sobriety went spiraling down the drain. I stocked up on whiskey & beer & holed up in my basement room. I was watching a cable channel & John Huston’s “Fat City” came on. Good movie. Damn good. Depressing as Hell. “Help Me Make It Through The Night” is heavily featured in the film. It hits me. Really hits me. Strikes the right note. Through strained & painful eyes I watch the credits to find out who sings the song. Written & sung by Kris Kristofferson. OK. When I obtain enough stability to be dropped off at the music store I find Kris Kristofferson in CD’s—early days of CD’s— & buy “The Best Of Kris Kristofferson”. I take it home & play it. & play it. & play it. Nearly non stop. Within a short time, I had learned the songs and was singing them myself. I became a devoted fan right then and there and I remain forever so.

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Joseph Austin Magee 

I was 16 years old back in 1970 when a friend of mine dropped by with the silver-tongued devil in his arm. Well, it’s 2018 and I’m still hooked on Kris.

Judy Hamilton Pendrey 

My step sister had his poster hanging on her bedroom wall when I was about 10 years old. I may have been young but I knew he was the best looking man I had ever seen. Followed him ever since.

Janed Sax

My husband proposed to me in 1974 while we were hanging out listening to the “Jesus was a Capricorn” album. We’ve been to nearly all of his concerts in Southern California and we both still love his music and have great respect for him.  Not related, but several years ago while speaking with a colleague I’d known for many years, I mentioned that I was going to a Kristofferson concert. He casually mentioned that Kris was his roommate at Pomona College many years ago. I had to laugh that I’d known this guy for many years and he’d never mentioned it.

Michelle Pessler

A Star Is Born, seen far too young but grateful of my Mom’s poor decision making, made me a true fan! ?

Jens Munk


Honestly ? Convoy …. Had to be honest…. and now I have ALL his records – mostly On vinyl….however not All is available On vinyl ? SO I had to buy “ The Cedar Creek Sessions “ On cd –  And I love it 

Shelly Spinley

I have been a fan 50+ years. I sit down turn the volume up loud enough n listen to Kris’ words they totally resonate to my heart. He would easily be one of the world’s gifted wordsmith’s. His words are true n you can relate to the song. Thank you, Kris Kristofferson

Gérard Leblanc

En écoutant la chanson Me and Bobby McGee de Roger Miller

Winona Dayle

I was depressed and hungover and heard Sunday Morning Coming Down and I thought it takes a real poet to describe that feeling so perfectly, then started listening to other things and was blown away, Casey’s Last Ride is amazing.

Barbara Livieri

I was a little young to appreciate his music as he recorded it, but I first found out about him in the movies. We had just had this newfangled Cablevision installed ? in 1979 and shortly after, added HBO and Showtime. So yes, at the ripe age of 10 or 11, was able to see all the R movies a kid could want. This was around 79 or 80 and my first of his was Convoy. I LOVED that movie. I was a fan of the song from a few years before, and this movie just brought it to life.

I know shortly after, I did see ASIB but at that age, I wasn’t impressed. The music wasn’t anything I had heard before (and didn’t care for) and the subject matter was a bit over my head, obviously at that age.

As far as his music, I guess I eventually found out that Janis Joplin’s Bobby McGee was written by Kris, and then other songs that he had written for others that I had heard before. I don’t think I realized how talented he was until he and the others formed the Highwaymen. I remember thinking “I knew John, Willie, and Waylon, but why Kris Kristofferson? How does he fit in this equation?” I thought he was just a pretty boy from the movies who wrote a few hit songs for other people. Ha! How little I knew back then. And it was the mid-1980s and I was a teenager in love with Jon Bon Jovi so, yeah… Not a huge fan of them until I got into country music in the early 1990s. I think there was also some sort of “behind the music” special or something on TV that I saw. You know, it was hard to research things back then. Information wasn’t at our beck and call with the touch of a few buttons as it is now. I have learned much since then.

And I guess it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I realized how prolific his song catalog was until I joined this Kris Kristofferson Appreciation Group and bought his complete collection. I just wish I would have found it sooner. I found out he played near me back in May. I would have seen it if I knew better. ? 

Laurie Barton

My father and I sang and played his songs together 1970 was the first year I recall learning his music

Oliver Fuchsschwartz

Convoy made me a huge fan when I was around 4 in 1980. Still a very special movie for me until today. About 25 years later I finally discovered his music as well?and finally saw him live on stage in 2008.

Karen Joyce

I was sold the first time I heard one of his songs in the early 1970s or lat ’60s. I loved “When I Loved Her” I took guitar lessons at that time and wanted to learn that song. I did learn it and I still love it. But I also learned words to all of his other songs and my future husband could play and sing those songs as well. We each had the Silver Tongued Devil Album when we married. My husband was a pilot for United Airlines and he once had Kris on a flight and he was nearly tongue-tied when he introduced himself to Kris.

Kris’s daughter with Rita Coolidge was the same age as our daughter and they both went to our Pediatrician. Once when we were pulling into the Doctor’s office in Santa Monica, Kris was pulling out. I nearly came out of my skin. But I remained cool calm and collected and kept it all to myself. Loved him then and still do and so happy he finally found a life that worked for him.

Diana Aguirre Martinez

A Star is Born 1976

Rita D’hondt

First, when I saw him in a movie and then I listen on the radio each Saturday evening in de hope they play a song of Kris. They don’t play much country music here in Belgium

Kathy Watson

I became a fan in 1976 after watching A STAR is Born. He has had my heart since then. Named my baby girl after him, Kristy and almost had her on Kris’ birthday. A day late, June 23. Lol I have seen him 2 times. Once with the Highway men and a few years ago in concert. Star is Born changed my life.???

Charles R Malec

I first heard of Kris through others recording his music – Johnny Cash -Sunday Morning Coming Down, Sammi Smith – Help Me Make It Through the Night, Janis – Bobbie McGee (not exactly my favorite version.)

His writing struck the strongest chord for me and that has lasted to this day (45+ years)  I’ve seen him many times in concert, as recently as last year. Many good singer-songwriters out there, but for me, none better than Kris.

Joe Meneley

When I was a teenager my parents belonged to the Columbia records club. They sent them border lord. It was up to them to keep it or send back. They never opened it. One day I opened it and played it, I have been a fan ever since. I really love Burden of Freedom – Okay I love every song on that album.

We asked: Was that like a book club? You joined, and the book / item of the week or month came and you could keep it or send it back and not get billed? Intrigued as I never heard of record clubs —-

Joe replied: 

No it was the old Columbia Records club. You start the club by getting 8 or 10 free then they send you a record. You either keep it or send it back. If you don’t send it back they bill you. When the border lord sat there for months I opened it and played it, I was hooked. (Rereading your question it sounds just like you describe.)

Emily Gmitter

Part 2. Part one to follow…

Oh yes….saw them in Rhode Island in ’78 and even though they were on the verge of the actual break up then, they were smokin’ hot together…maybe even more so because of the impending major change in their lives. The sad in those duets were 1000x more sad and it showed. This was the concert where Kris signed my charcoal sketch of him (source, Easter Island album cover) and he wrote on it: “Thanks, Emily. Someday you may know how much this means to me.” I think he was referring to his feeling, in that sad time, a spot of “gladness” that someone would sketch his likeness. I think.

Kim Fay

My dad brought home a Kris 8-track when I was 6 years old (1972). My mom said,

“That man sounds like a frog.” 🙂

Then she saw what he looked like! No more criticism from her after that ?We’ve all been fans ever since. I an honestly say that Kris has been the soundtrack to my life. What a talented man!!

Here’s a fun pic. A friend made me a purse using an image copied from a Kris album. After a concert, I had him sign it. I treasure it!!

My friend who makes purses usually uses original album covers, but I couldn’t bear to have mine cut up!!! I took it to a printer and they make a copy. I love carrying this purse. It always lets me know when there’s a Kris fan in the room 🙂

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2 thoughts on “How did you become a Kris Kristofferson Fan?

  1. My mother was a huge fan so when i heard he was coming close to where we lived i bought tickets for her to go see him. As it turned out, my mom ended up in the hospital the night of his concert. When I got to the venue I explained to the people at the venue what had happened and asked if there was any way I could get an autograph to take back to my mom as she was a big fan. The usher told me to meet them at that spot after the concert and he would see what he could do. After the concert I went back to where I was told to meet the usher who then took me backstage and I got about a minute meet and greet with Kris who wished my mother well and then signed a concert flyer. What a kind caring man he was. Needless to say my mom was ecstatic. This was during the “To the bone” Tour and 30 some years later I still have the flyer.

    1. Great story – I love fan tales because they are so real. I hope you enjoy reading the others. Where was this gig, Alan? Any chance you have a pic of the flyer?

      Kindest regards,


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