June 22, 2024

Kris Kristofferson by Fans, for Fans

In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

Kris Kristofferson Roadtrip

Kris kristofferson Roadtrip Tootsies

Gérard Leblanc Kris Kristofferson Roadtrip

Bonjours, je me présente mon nom est Gérard Leblanc, je suis un enseignant a la retraite, j,ai 72 ans et et je suis un fan de musique depuis 1958, musique Américaine meme si je ne parle que le Français.  J,ai découvert Kris car j,étais un fan de Roger Miller et en 1969 j,ai vu passé Me and Bobby McGee et depuis j,ai tout acheté ce que j,ai trouvé sur Kris..Je l,ai meme vu 2 fois en spectacle au début des années 1970 meme si j,ai du me taper 2000kms pour le voir,,et a l,été 2017 je me suis payé le reve d,une vie avec un voyage de 6000kms pour allé a Nashville et surtout au Tootsies marcher sur les traces  de Kris j,ai une collection de pres de 10000 disques vinyls dont tous les disques de Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Bobby Bare ,Roger Miller,Neil Diamond, Bobby Darin Don Gibson Elvis et beaucoup d,autres  main Kris est dur a battre   vive Kris.

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Gérard Leblanc – Roadtrip (Rough) Translation from above 

Hello, my name is Gerard Leblanc, I am a retired teacher, I am 72 years old and I have been a fan of American music since 1958 – Even if I speak only French. I discovered Kris because I was a fan of Roger Miller and in 1969 I heard Me and Bobby McGee and since then I bought everything I found on Kris. I watched two shows at the beginning of the 1970s even though I had to travel 2000kms to see them. In summer 2017 I got rewarded with the dream of a lifetime – a 6000kms trip to Nashville and especially to Tootsies. I walked in Kris’ footsteps. I have a collection of nearly 10,000 vinyl records including all records of Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Bobby Bare, Roger Miller, Neil Diamond, Bobby Darin Don Elvis Gibson and many others. Kris is hard to beat.

Notes and Photographs

Gérard Leblanc has been tripping – Roadtripping, that is. He set off to Nashville on a Kris Kristofferson Roadtrip –  following in the tracks of our favourite hero – the one and only Silver-tongued Devil.

We went along for the ride – Virtually, speaking. We shared in the experience through the lens of a camera.

Photographs are always great fun. Fan pics are extra special because they are personal, and show us what we want to see. 

I could almost hear the engine of the trusty 4×4 and feel the road beneath the tune on the radio as we hit the road. If Nashville has a soundtrack, this must be it. 

Kris Kristofferson Roadtrip
The Dash

 Buckle Up

I wonder how many times Kris has driven under this very signboard – Sometimes road-weary, sometimes glad to coming “home” and other times wondering how he’d make it through the …… next few hours.

Kris Kristofferson Roadtrip Nashville

They say (okay, I say …) you can never have enough shoes or music albums. Imagine buying music made in Nashville – in Nashville.

Ernest Tubb

ERNEST Tubb record shop, Nashville is THE place to do it. The shop carries the name of the Grand Ole Opry star who founded it in 1947. It is charming, but contemporary and houses a huge collection of bluegrass CDs, DVDs, LPs, books, and memorabilia.

No need to rush – It’s open until midnight most nights so browsing and buying) is a sheer delight.

ERNEST Tubb records shop Nashville

We’re getting ahead of ourselves … that came later. There was so much to see that timing didn’t matter all that much.

Country Music Hall of Fame

I was thrilled to learn that the Country Music Hall of Fame is one of those rare places that are FAN FRIENDLY. They allow photographs of the displays. Fans often have a tough time getting images, and it’s good to know that these pictures never required the usual stealth – Slinking around with a hidden camera. 

Country Music Hall of Fame Kristofferson

It’s not just a hall – it contains gold – the real stuff …

Country Music Hall of Fame gold

Lots of gold.

Country Music Hall of Fame Gold 1

Where you find gold, Highwaymen are seldom far away. 

Country Music Hall of Fame Highwaymen

Words are powerful. Kris Kristofferson changed country music forever with just a few scrawled down on a Monument Records complimentary scratchpad. Go on, write that novel. No excuses.

Country Music Hall of Fame


Kris Kristofferson played Tootsies. The Orchid Lounge is tiny in size, huge in memories and country music folklore. 


Tootsie Bess bought this honky-tonk bar in 1960. Kris Kristofferson was one of her first customers, along with Willie Nelson and numerous other struggling songwriters and musicians of the day.

An hour-long documentary about the place is aptly sub-titled, Where the Music Began. 

Tootsies Orchid Lounge
Tootsies Bar

What a ride! See the 4×4 on Broadway ..


Kris Kristofferson has spent much of his life on the road. He has left many places, people, awards and masterpieces behind him during his trails and trials. We hope he’ll continue to revisit these places many times more and cut new tracks. Whatever he does, we really don’t need to go further than one fan’s house to admire all of his work.

Gérard’s Place

Gérard’s music collection is legendary. I have never seen such a complete, well-kept collection of Kris’ work all in one place.  Take a look at the amp alone – just a sample of the collection. I think that this place could easily be added as one of the places to see on any future Kris Kristofferson road trip. Strictly fans only. 

Kris Kristofferson cd

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