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Kris Kristofferson by Fans, for Fans

In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

Kris & Kelly Kristofferson in Traded

Kris and Kelly Kristofferson in Traded, the movie 2016

Update: Minerva watched some movies this weekend and added some thoughts about some films, including Traded. We often chat about Kris’ work in our Group

Group Comments

Minerva: 4 March 2019

Rainy day again here in Virginia, so I decided to spend the day watching Kris movies. I watched, Trouble In Mind, Hickok and Traded. TIM was to me another love can get you through anything movie. Having said that, Kris never looked better and it was a great performance from him. Hickok was a watchable movie, but don’t expect anything new about it. Kris’s part was not a big part. He played the mayor who hires Hickok to clean up the town. Seeing him in that suit was worth watching the movie for.

For me, Traded was by far the best of the movies. It was a story about the 1800’s version of human trafficking today. A father’s 17 yr old daughter left the farm w/o his knowledge. She was answering an add to become a Harvey Girl (waitress in the train stations) in Wichita. She was taken by a man to Dodge City to be used as a prostitute. Daddy has to go find her. Kris plays a barkeeper but in the end, he becomes a big part of the ending. My favourite line of his was, “I’m gonna retire my boots” and I had to laugh ‘ cause we all know about the boots.


Melody, another fan, mentioned that Kris’ daughter, Kelly, was in the movie. She explained that Kelly is “The pretty blonde saloon girl. I was less than six feet from Kelly after a concert a couple of years ago. She was a doll…smiling and sweet. I was too shy to say anything (kicking myself still)”

Back to the article from a few years back.

News of the movie came to me via a tweet from The Michael Pare Fanclub.  Trace Atkins, Michael Pare and

Kris Kristofferson appear in a new movie called Traded.


What do we know about Traded?

Not much.  If there has been a lot of hype, then I have missed it.  The information I do have follows, with the sources. According to bookmyshow

Genre:    Western, 1880’s

Director:   Timothy Woodward Jr

Writer:      Mark Esslinger

Musician: Samuel Joseph Smythe

Kris plays the part of Billy, Kelly appears as a character called Claire

I have not seen this movie, but according to IDB, the storyline is the tried and tested tale of a father whose reputation as the fastest draw in the west is tested when he is forced to leave his ranch in Dodge City to rescue his daughter from an old enemy.

That’s it.  We would love to hear your thoughts….

A link for more news here with thanks to another fan who spotted it before I did 🙂  

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A quick search will bring up what we have on other films here, as well as Kris u0026amp; Kelly Kristofferson. One movie is only a short 19 minutes long and especially touching. Click the link to see it if you haven’t already…. Room 10

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