June 22, 2024

Kris Kristofferson by Fans, for Fans

In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

Kris Kristofferson Bio

Kris Kristofferson Biography

Kris Kristofferson Short Stories

Kris Kristofferson’s Short Stories

Kris Kristofferson's short stories were published after he won a competition when he was a student. Kris spoke about these ...

Coolidge Kristofferson Jones Family 1972

Coolidge Kristofferson Jones Family 1972 This beautiful family portrait was shared and I have linked to it for you. Kris ...

Kristofferson Music Bio

A lot has been written about Kris Kristofferson. Some of it is true, some not. Much falls in that space ...

Kris Kristofferson played Tootsies

Kris Kristofferson played Tootsies 55 Years Ago Kris was one of the many up and coming artists who played Tootsies, ...

Kris Kristofferson – Bio

The Timeline on the Official Website gives an overview. Birth Born22 June 1936FatherFather Henry Kristoffer KristoffersonMotherMary Ann nee Ashbrook Childhood ...


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Rhodes Scholars, Oxford, and the Creation of an American Elite By Thomas J. Schaeper, Kathleen Schaeper

4 thoughts on “Kris Kristofferson Bio

  1. Danke für die gute Musik von Kris, auch ich find es sehr schade ihn nie in einem Konzert gesehen zu haben aber ich war immer ein Fan ,danke

  2. Kris….you are the Best of the best….I love you…hoping you are doing better each
    day. I just watched the Highwaymen for God only knows how many times.
    Dee. 12/13/17

  3. Hi
    dont know if this is right place to leave this message but I just wanted to say THANKS to Kris Kristofferson for all the music that has got me through the good the bad and the ugly since the 70’s. His music has always had such meaning to me whether it be madly in love, heart break or my mess ups! or like now just happy and sad memories and such a joy to listen to. My biggest regret is not seen Kris in concert. but anyway a big thank you from the bottom of a Irish woman’s heart for being there on my journey!

    1. Hi Rosemary, thank you for your kind message. Kris doesn’t use the internet (!) but perhaps his manager or a someone in his family will show him this site sometime. Are you in the ROI? Some years back, I saw Kris in Castlebar as well as in Dublin (twice). I would certainly do it all over again. I will look around for some snaps – Ireland is beautiful. That year, 2008, St Patrick’s Day fell on the same weekend as Holy Week.

      I see Kris is touring Europe this year, but only 1 date for the UK, & that is Glasto? Other than tickets being long since sold out, I am just too old for portaloos. Let’s hope for a local tour soon 🙂

      Lovely to hear from you,

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