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In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

Kris Kristofferson’s Boots 24/04/2019

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Kristofferson's boots

Some things speak for themselves. Few things could tell as many tales as Kris Kristofferson’s boots.

Huge thanks to Andie Hellem for taking this last night. Angie embraces the Outlaw movement to get us what we want without hassling other fans and icons. It’s a Risky Business

Courtesy of Andie Hellem 24/4/2019

About those Boots

Fan Comments

  • It really would be ok if he wore some decent clothes and boots – Joni
  • It does not matter what he wears. A handsome man disfigures nothing and these boots are something special for him – Fefie
  • Mind over matter! If he doesn’t mind It don’t matter. Huh, as if “Fashion was an actual entity!” – Rich
  • Obviously, you are not aware—-these are special boots! – Laura
  • Don’t look at the boots and clothes listen to the songs the words and look at the man performing! That is all that matters! Best ever. – Dina
  • Love these boots! The stories they could tell! – Ruth
  • Ahhh, those boots! ♥️ Melanie
  • The man makes the clothes, he’s great no matter what he wears. I don’t think I paid any attention to his clothes either time I saw him in concert. I just watched a legend and a humble man and it made me very happy. – Phyllis
  • A very picture it is. He wears what could be loosely called a costume or outfit. Look at previous pictures. His clothes do not vary much. – Laura
  • Andie, you have just shared the picture I’ve been waiting on. Gotta love them boots. If you didn’t know, these boots have been around since 1971 ( maybe before) and Kris wears them like a good luck charm. As long as those boots are around, so is he and that’s great for those of us that love the man. Love the ? ?.❤️? – Minerva
  • Wonder what holds them together? Humility? ❤️ -Helen


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