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Kris Kristofferson Lovers

Kris Kristofferson lovers are quite well known. Some, anyway.



The tabloids linked Kris to a long list of women before he married Lisa Meyers in 1983. Nobody really knows about a relationship unless they are in it. That said, Cherry Vanilla, Patti Davis, Joan Baez, Janis Joplin, Samantha Eggar, Carly Simon, Barbara Streisand, Andrea De Portago u0026amp; of course his wives, Fran Beir u0026amp;  Rita Coolidge are some of the women who have been linked to Kris at various times by the media.



Kris’ family, his 8 children, other relatives u0026amp; his childhood nanny, Juanita, must come next. Then there’s his close friends u0026amp; people in the business. I haven’t heard anything negative being said about Kris, u0026amp; judging by the awards he has received u0026amp; handed out, there are many fellow actors, songwriters u0026amp; musicians that could be called Kris Kristofferson lovers.

Kris Kristofferson Lovers


Then there’s us. Kris Kristofferson lovers are a diverse bunch. Non-fans often don’t understand us very well. They obviously don’t see Kris the way we do. If people think Kris’ fans are old with painful knees and a habit of crying into our beer they would be (at least partly) wrong. We are a diverse bunch, but we do have some things in common.

  • Strong values. They are committed to a cause, idea, dream or something bigger than themselves
  • Intelligent. A Kristofferson song has as many figures of speech as a college literature book. Fans appreciate and understand (much) of what the master wordsmith is saying
  • Sensitive – in a non-gushy way
  • Introspective. More inclined to judge u0026amp; measure themselves than rip other people apart.
  • Emotionally mature. Having been burnt by the fires of life, they have tried to make some sense of it all u0026amp; are working on the rest.
  • Spiritual. They believe in something bigger than themselves. This “something” reveals itself at times.
  • An interesting life. People cannot relate to an emotion unless they have experienced it. Kris writes a lot about feelings u0026amp; emotionally engaging with the moment.
  • Struggles. We all have struggled. Kris’ fans seem to have had more “oopses” than most.
  • Strong relationships. Fans love something, someone or somewhere so much that it hurts. They are private people though so you might never notice this.
  • Humanists. I haven’t met a fan who doesn’t care deeply about the plight of someone other than themselves. (Animals are someone, too)
  • Generous. Check out our Fan Pics u0026amp; Vids u0026amp; send us yours if you would like to add them
  • Aches u0026amp; pains. Most have aching bones or muscles to go with their current or past heartaches.

There are exceptions to this last point.


Fans u0026amp; Kris’ Legacy

Kris Kristofferson lovers include many younger fans than some might think. Like Boris. I wondered why so many young people are increasingly drawn to Kris, so I asked him.

Boris is a songwriter, teenager, student, Belgian national u0026amp; a Kris Kristofferson fan. He tells us how he became a Kris Kristofferson u0026amp; what he has learned from the Silver Tongued Devil

My Kristofferson Story (My Inspirations: Episode 1)

Quotes from the Video

Not many young people know about Kris Kristofferson or other good old music in Belgium

Discovered Kris watching Johnny Cash on YouTube. He sang a few songs u0026amp; said they were written by Kris Kristofferson so I looked him up. 

I love the words (in the songs), they are brilliant

Kris really inspired me to start writing songs myself, u0026amp; singing myself

Kris showed me that it’s not important to be a great singer or guitar player 

It’s more important to write a song that comes from the heart – with passion

If you put your soul into it then it cannot be a bad song


Who Loves Kris Kristofferson?

Send your links or answers u0026amp; we’ll post them.



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