June 22, 2024

Kris Kristofferson by Fans, for Fans

In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil


Kris Kristofferson Fanmail

  • Kris Kristofferson fans are great.
  • Kris himself doesn’t get fan mail unless it is handed to him.
  • Perhaps one day, a fan might print off our fanmail and manage to give it to him.

No matter what happens, fans love hearing from other fans.

This is a collection of memories and mail that might never be delivered. That doesn’t matter. What does matter is that YOU can have a sneaky peek and read it anyway?

If you want to add to it, tell us. if it fits, we’ll post it here. We cannot promise that Kris will ever read it. We can promise that others will. They might never comment – BUT they will certainly connect.

Jaime Cothron

Jaime Cothron

Why Me? When Jaime sings this song, to him, it's like a prayer. He tells us about how he came ...
Kristofferson Blue Bracelet

Kristofferson & the Strangers – A gig Review

by Joey Lee Sinavage This concert took place on the 14 April 2019 at the Kirby Center. Other fans attended ...

Kris and Willie – Laughs & Autographs

Kris and Willie go back a long way. An autograph from one of the greats is a real treasure. Judy ...

Kristofferson, Harlan and James Hardie McGehee

Kristofferson, Harlan, Johnny, Waylon, Chet, Fred...So many greats. too many are lost to us, but the ones left behind often ...

Kristofferson Dreams

Dreams. Mythic, mystical travels that we take unshackled by the restraints of everyday life - They whisk us off when ...

The Concert – Art by Fans, for Fans

The Concert is a piece by Melody J Fisher The author says that she wrote this about her evening as ...

Maybe I’ll Listen

By Patrick Daniel Read Maybe I'll listenTo a little CashMaybe some Kristofferson tooSinging their songs about what I’m going through ...

Sheila, Kris & Danny Timms 1995

Sheila Tatar I saw him here at a very very small club in 1995 with Danny Timms. He did two ...

Damn Right : Here comes that Rainbow

John Buckley is Damn Right on Kris, Cash u0026amp; Chasing Rainbows I immediately fell in love with Loving Her Was ...
Kristofferson Prine Song

Ode to John Prine & Kris Kristofferson

John Prine has left us - it doesn't seem real. I was pondering this when I read Donna's post in ...
Kris Kristofferson Poem by Emily Gmitter

Demons, Devils and Dues, by Emily Gmitter

Demons, Devils and Dues Kris Kristofferson Poetry A poem by Emily Gmitter about Kris Kristofferson - The Silver Tongued Devil ...
Busking Music City

Busking Music City, England

Simon Aldridge and Terry Crouch busking Music City, England These musos enjoy making good music to help passers by make ...

The Fighter (Written on a Sunday)

The Fighter The Fighter Kris Kristofferson inspired dream in poetry by PETER WALSH 30 APRIL 2017 Last night I dreamed ...
8 Track car cassette

Joe Jakubowski

Joe Jakubowski is a music fan. We like him because he has a lot of respect for Kris Kristofferson.  Kris ...

Kris (Kristofferson) & Carol (VIP)

Kris Kristofferson u0026amp; Carol Rennick Remembering Ottawa 2007  People travel miles u0026amp; miles to see Kris Kristofferson perform live on ...
Bobby Bear

Bobby Bear Sings Kristofferson

Bobby Bear  Kris Kristofferson is a songwriter.  Bobby Bear is a singer u0026amp; a Kris Kristofferson fan. Kris is many other ...
Mirror Peter Walsh

The Mirror Peter Walsh – a birthday gift for Kris Kristofferson

The Mirror Peter Walsh says it all The Mirror Peter Walsh says it like I wish I could. The title ...
Johan Kris Fan

Johan Sjöstrand

Johan Sjöstrand - Kris Kristofferson Fan Johan Sjöstrand has been a Kris Kristofferson fan for many years. We love his ...
Become a Kris Kristofferson Fan

How did you become a Kris Kristofferson Fan?

Emily Gmitter asked, "How did you become a Kris Kristofferson fan?" Some of the answers made us smile. We hope ...
Kristofferson FanMail John Williams

From John Williams

Letter to Kris Kristofferson A letter to Kris Kristofferson, from John Williams If you are sight impaired or prefer to ...

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