May 18, 2024

Kris Kristofferson by Fans, for Fans

In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

Kris Kristofferson 2016

Kris Kristofferson 2016

Kris shows no signs of slowing down in the month of his 80th birthday.  Site menus have got so long that I am trying to find easier for you to navigate as the news just keeps on coming.


17 June 2016 Cedar Creek Sessions CD released

After all the guesswork u0026amp; speculation discussed here, in the article about the Cedar Creek Sessions , I am delighted that it’s now official.  There IS a new Kris Kristofferson album due for release.  Great news.  The long-awaited new work from the Silver Tongued Devil himself is almost here.

10 June 2016 the movied TRADED is released

The Red Maple Leaf is the second film that Kris appears in to be released this year.  Fans were surprised u0026amp; delighted to learn that both Kris u0026amp; his daughter Kelly appear in Traded  A movie due for release next month (June)

News of the movie came to me via a tweet from the The Michael Pare Fanclub.  Trace Atkins, Michael Pare u0026amp; Kris Kristofferson appear in a new movie called Traded. So what do we know about the movie?

16 March 2016 Kristofferson Tribute Show Fan Pics

If, like me, you missed the recent Kris Kristofferson Tribute show, I hope you enjoy these fan pictures while we wait for the televised broadcast.  These are not my photographs, u0026amp; were kindly posted by fans u0026amp; others for your pleasure. Thank you for everyone who shared so generously.  Credit is below each snap

12 March 2016 Strawberry Fields – Kris covers for Merle

Delighted fans got to see the legends perform their own u0026amp; each others songs u0026amp; a combined  – I nearly said joint, but Willie wasn’t there – singalong when the mood took them.  The tour received rave reviews in the press, u0026amp; more importantly, from the fans.  That said, concerns around Merle’s health have been growing.

February 2016 – Fan presents Kris with a painted portrait

This really made me smile …..



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