May 18, 2024

Kris Kristofferson by Fans, for Fans

In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

Why Me – the story

Why Me – Often Dedicated to the (Vietnam) Vets

The Why Me story dates back to the early ’70s. The song, also commonly known as Why Me, Lord was recorded in June 1972 and certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America after selling over a million units. It appeared on the album, Jesus was a Capricorn. The album cover features a photograph of Kris with Rita Coolidge. 

A Personal Note

This song has come to hold a special place in many hearts over the years.

  • Cathy Alonzo tells us that she discovered Kris’ music through her mother. She says,

“We use to sit on the back porch and play his albums over and over. She (her mother) had Alzheimer’s and would love to just hear him again and again. I found myself wanting the same. My mom was a local musician and ..”  Why Me is Cathy’s favourite song.


It seemed a little out-of-place on the album when I first listened to it, I mean the rest of the first Kris album I ever heard was rough and rebellious and certainly not Christian in any way.

Kris, my Dad’s friend and Me

I often read my late father’s friend Francois’ posts on Facebook these days, and with him being a man of God, they are often Christian in nature.  Years ago, when I was a child, I remember him strumming his guitar and singing and naturally Kristofferson’s songs made it into the mix.  He might have been part of the reason that I am so appreciative of Kris’ work, both then and now.

The Why Me Story – Kris Kristofferson Talks Spiritual

In answer to a post, he asked me if I ever saw the interview where Kris discusses the story of Why Me.  I hadn’t, and have now posted a link below.  Sometimes the best stories are told by the man who lived and wrote about them after all.

Why Me Lord Story - Told and Sung By kris kristofferson

Pastor James Collins

Sharon noticed that Pastor James Collins, the senior pastor at First Southern Baptist Church mentioned this song in a touching obituary. We live in uncertain times. Churches remain closed in many countries in an effort to contain a pandemic that is ravaging our world. Families mourn losses and others struggle with their fear in isolation. We’re sharing the post in the hope it comforts someone, somewhere.


Larry Gatlin and Kris Kristofferson

Larry Gatlin’s song, Help Me has been recorded by some famous people – They don’t get bigger than Elvis Presley!  A recent article talks about Larry Gatlin’s view about Kris’ journey that started in the church and resulted in the now famous hit single. You can read the article here

4 thoughts on “Why Me – the story

  1. I would sign up but, the Q, was never answered!! Enough comments never any
    answer to the question? why me Lord.
    My email is real, I am gi, military I am 34
    and my apple id

    1. Hi Gil,
      I guess the answer to some questions are an entire life story, and lie in the personal journey each of us must take – & maybe never get answered in words? I for sure don’t have the answer …..
      Best regards,

  2. kris, this so spiritual and fits me like a tight glove…been a fan and feel a personal connection with you ! its 50yrs now and you sang in az ..i saw you here..i live here in az but found you back in penna at the UOF P.. university of penna…when i was a mere pup..loved u then love you now. i have a cronic disease ..lyme and im home bound…but i listen to you all the time…i hope your doing well…cindy kranson from az

    1. Dear Cindy, thank you so much for your comments. Really sorry to hear of your health issues, as I am sure you know, Kris too is living with Lymes and from what we have read, it can be really challenging to cope with. Kris is currently on tour in Australia / New Zealand. If you subscribe or follow the site, we do try to keep people updated with any news that comes our way. Kris’ music has seen many of us through some really dark times – A real blessing to many. If you use Facebook and would like to join our group, you are very welcome – It’s called Kris Kristofferson Appreciation – and there are some lovely members. Best wishes, Donna

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