The Red Maple Leaf

Kris Kristofferson appears in the 2016 film : The Red Maple Leaf

The Red Maple Leaf is the second film that Kris appears in to be released this year.  Fans were surprised u0026amp; delighted to learn that both Kris u0026amp; his daughter Kelly appear in Traded  A movie due for release next month (June)  


What do we know about the Red Maple Leaf ?

    1. It is a film by Canadian Frank D’Angelo
    2. Dedicated to the “great Robert Loggia” 
    3. The Cast include some big names
    4. Trailer can be viewed on the Red maple Leaf Website
    5. Released by In Your Ear Productions
    6. According to a tweet by Frank D’Angelo, shooting was completed in January 2016


Frank D’Angelo

is a colourful character known for his restaurant, tv show, film making u0026amp; allegations of law breaking. He describes himself  as “the James Bond of the Canadian beverage world”  in his autobiography.  His films have all been made available on iTunes, u0026amp; this trend seems set to continue.

Robert Loggia

appeared in An Officer u0026amp; a Gentleman,  Scarface, Prizzi’s Honour, Big, Independence Day u0026amp; Lost Highway.  He was also nominated for the Academy Award for best Supporting Actor for Jagged Edge (1985) u0026amp; is known to tv viewers for his roles in Malcolm in the Middle u0026amp; the Sopranos.  The dedication follows his passing in December 2015.


includes James Caan,  Martin Landau, Paul Sorvino,  Mira Sorvino, Armand Assante, Eric Roberts, Margot Kidder, Daniel Baldwin, Laurie Fortier, Doris Roberts, Marc Blucas, Frank D’Angelo, Ellen Dubin u0026amp; the reason it’s here of course, Kris Kristofferson.  Landau is said to play an embittered chauffeur, but the other roles are not yet known.


Very little is known about the plot, there is no synopsis as yet.  Judging by the trailer, the storyline centres around a man who loses his wife u0026amp; daughter u0026amp; copes by throwing everything he has into his job in law enforcement.  Time will tell whether this is accurate, or whether there is a twist in the link between the trailer to the actual film.

In Your Ear

has released mainly gangster/action movies as well as a film about vampires, albeit a Sicilian one –Sicilian Vampire.


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