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In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

New Kristofferson album 2016

Cedar Creek

New Kristofferson album 2016 – the Cedar Creek Sessions

After all the guesswork u0026amp; speculation discussed here, in the article about the Cedar Creek Sessions I am delighted that it’s now official.  There IS a new Kris Kristofferson album due for release.  Great news.  The long-awaited new work from the Silver Tongued Devil himself is almost here.

Personally, the last cd I bought myself was Please don’t tell me how the story ends.  Naturally, I do have a large collection of Kris’ work – Fortunately, I am blessed with children who eventually worked out that buying gifts for me is easy.  Anything Kristofferson delights me, u0026amp; never mind if I already have copy.  This new album is about to become my latest gift, from me to me with love.

What do we know about the new Kristofferson album?

It has a lady’s touch.  Tamara Saviano produced the album with Shawn camp.  Ms Saviano is Kris’ manager. They have worked together for years u0026amp; are old friends.  I am interested to see how Ms Saviano’s youth u0026amp; exuberance is reflected in the album.

Recorded live in mid 2014.

Live band includes:

  • Lead guitar,  Shawn Camp
  • Bass, Kevin Smith
  • Keyboard, Michael Ramos
  • Drums, Mike Meadows

Track List:  Including some of my favourite lines – let me know yours

Volume One
1. “Duvalier’s Dream”  He shunned the world of mortals and the sound of human tongues
2. “The Loving Gift” (with special guest Sheryl Crow)  And you taught me a gentle way of dreaming
3. “The Sabre and the Rose”  All we left behind us was our clothes and the stories 
4. “The Law is for the Protection of the People”  don’t riddle speaking prophets, scaring decent folks like you u0026amp; me
5. “It No Longer Matters What I Do”
6. “Stagger Mountain Tragedy” And the flashin’ of her hair was black as sin
7. “The Wife You Save”
8. “Lay Me Down and Love the World Away” I’ll just lay my chances on the line                                                             9. “The Bigger the Fool (The Harder the Fall)” think of the easy dreamer who believed in you
10. “Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down” Cussin’ at a can that he was kicking
11. “Spooky Lady’s Revenge”  like a diamond –  flashin’ fire …. cold as ice
12. “Forever In Your Love” Losers can’t believe in anything at all
13. “Winter”

Volume Two
1. “Darby’s Castle” Split the shadows where two bodies lay entangled
2. “Me and Bobby McGee”  With them windshield wipers slappin’ time
3. “Broken Freedom Song” no one’s missin’ till you need ’em
4. “Casey’s Last Ride” if the reason is the beer that’s in his belly, or the tear that’s in his eye
5. “Billy Dee”  the world he saw was sadder than the one he hoped to find
6. “Easter Island” Stone-cut survivors of ancient dimensions
7. “For the Good Times” Hear the whisper of the raindrops blowing soft against the window
8. “Help Me Make It Through the Night” Let the devil take tomorrow, Lord, tonight I need a friend.
9. “Jody and the Kid” the world’s a little older ……there’s houses where there didn’t used to be
10. “Loving Her Was Easier (Than Anything I’ll Ever Do Again)” the traces of the people u0026amp; the places that I’ve been
11. “Risky Business” It don’t matter what they call you when you know you’ve been the best that you could be
12. “To Beat the Devil” then I stole his song

Kris, when asked if he feels separate from the songwriter he was 30 years ago in an interview with Las Vegas Magazine, or whether he feels as close to his songs as he ever did replied,

                                                                           “I never feel separated from them, and I never will, from the songs I wrote. To me, they’re the only reason I’m on the planet—to write those songs and sing ’em.”    

Thank you for the music

The troubadour has managed to keep fans spellbound with the quality u0026amp; the volume of the work he has managed to produce consistently over the years.  He has had many other things to focus on in life – A large family, a movie career, his activism.  Through all of this though, he has never strayed from his first love.  Writing  u0026amp; delivering music u0026amp; lyrics.  His body of work is incredible.  It mirrors our pain, understands our failings,celebrates the best in each one of us, rebukes wars u0026amp; injustice u0026amp; laughs at life too.  He has never needed gimmicks, mad marketing nor flamboyant image.  He simply strums his way into our fabric.

More thoughts on the Cedar Creek Sessions

The new album looks to be interesting mixed bag.  I would have loved to hear a lot more new work but the precious standards never grow stale, especially on a live album.  Earlier recordings sound completely different to the later ones, u0026amp; other than being a brilliant wordsmith, Kris communicates through his tunes like nobody else I ever heard. Looking back through his catalogue of work, the renditions have evolved with the man.  No surprise really, in many ways it seems like the man IS his music u0026amp; he has evolved with his generation.  Comfortingly familiar, always managing to break new ground.

Kris’ last few albums have been stripped down to the bone masterpieces that will be treasured by many of his fans for many years to come.  His legacy already carries through generations.

Kristofferson’s music – the future

His recordings with Glaswegian Roddy Hart brought him to the attention of a younger audience, u0026amp; my children recognise a Kris song even if it’s a track they have never heard before.  I am sure there are many more people in their 20s/3os/40s who could do the same. This trend has continued to expland –  in 2013 with Kris’ support of the German band Rocket to Stardom u0026amp; he followed up by singing with his daughter Kelly u0026amp; Andrew Hagar who perform as the Appalachian Murder Bunnies.  His influence will live through generations due to his direct support of younger artists u0026amp; because so many others regard his work as an inspiration for their own.

Personal note

Life u0026amp; loss do go hand in hand.  I am pleased that Kris made this album before losing John Trudell in 2015 u0026amp; Merle Haggard earlier this year.  He told me to explore Trudell’s work, u0026amp; he has referred to the man as a visionary.  I will treasure that short conversation that took place while I watch Kris on stage with his daughter in Birmingham, England –  with my daughter sitting next to me.  You can see part of this interaction that was coincidently filmed by another fan at the same event around 15 seconds or you can skip this self-indulgent, totally out of context video.

Kris Kristofferson

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