June 22, 2024

Kris Kristofferson by Fans, for Fans

In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

Kristofferson Norway 2019 feat the Strangers

Kristofferson Tour Bus Norway 2019

Festiviteten Haugesund Concert hall, 4 June 2019 Tuesday 20:00

Strangers No More

Scott Joss, fiddler and an all around great guy with Kris‘ backing band that I now call the “Friends” rather than “some of the Strangers” or the Stragglers – posted an update in his group that I am sure some fans who are not on FB might be interested in. Scott has been great at including us fans in the tour – A delicate balance, but the man epitomises balance. His wife, Judy, does her part too – (You’ll find her at the merch table – the blonde lady with the great smile)

Festiviteten Haugesund Concert hall

Festiviteten Haugesund Concert hall Kristofferson Norway 2019
Courtesy of the Scott Joss Fan Appreciation Group on Facebook

It looks massive but seats only 500 – What a wonderfully intimate night it will be.

Before the gig – Here’s looking at YOU

View from the Stage
Wonder who this belong to?

These are the best concerts, in my opinion. It’s been wonderfully warm weather (some say HOT, but it’s never warm enough for me) and I would love to be at this gig. Other fans will tell us all about it …..

Really a beautiful area, a beautiful old theater and a really great gig…a much slower and less frenetic pace than other times gone by out here…

Scott Joss

The Bus -Kristofferson Norway 2019

The trusty bus really is a home from home. As plush and comfy as they are, sometimes it’s good to feel the grass beneath your feet – or comfy shoes.

Kristofferson Norway Tour Bus  2019
courtesty S Joss

Time off in Drammen

Kris is well known for his love of running and walking. The Joss’ share this passion. Judy and Scott took their usual exploratory walk this mornin’ (around 5 miles as per Fitbit – as per Scott)

Kristofferson Norway 2019 tour. Time out before the gig
courtesty S Joss
courtesty S Joss

Really a beautiful area, a beautiful old theater and a really great gig…a much slower and less frenetic pace than other times gone by out here…Judy and I treasure every moment spent out here with the Kristofferson family…playin’ some great music and seein’ some small parts of this big ol’ world!

Scott Joss – via Scott Joss Fan Appreciation Group on Facebook

Doug Colosio – Speak Up! We’re Listening

Doug shared this after the curtain went down. What a crowd. Go, Norway!

All Roads Lead Home

Kristofferson Norway 2019 - Kris' bus in the foreground with the band's bus in view
Kristofferson bus in the foreground, and the band has got his back – courtesty S Joss

Thanks to the Team

It is so easy to get caught up in a our, especially long one that seem as if they will last forever. We know that even the very tours must park up somewhere, sometime – Even The Highwaymen’s road could not last forever.

Kristofferson fans are mostly a dedicated, polite but passionate collection of people. Kris is a wonderful communicator. The world has changed, media has changed and many tweets and posts are read at the moment – then forgotten.

From the USA?

We aim to save memories wherever we can for people who cannot get to to a gig for whatever reason – geography, health, mobility, financial or whatever. We think that fans are precious and should be looked after but musicians are people, too. They have to eat, sleep and take care of their loved ones. Luckily, there are those who stand in the gap and encourage the humblest of men to talk to us.

From the UK?

Special thanks to Scott and the guys in the band, the fans in both of our groups and the Admins that have done a great job of creating an online space for these wonderful, talented people. Emily Gmitter (Fixes things), Lisa Wisnoski Robbins (Shouts Out, Innovates) , Carol Roshkind (Gig Expert & Photographer) , Barbara Livieri (Concert Dates, Diary & Reviews – movie Buff) , Minerva Anne Brenner (Our heart – She makes being nice fun) , Tina Stapelfeldt (Video catalogue and the best YTube Channel in the world) and so many more that do so so much. These fans are a credit to this tour and the talent they recognise, love and want to share. More BandTales

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