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Kris Kristofferson by Fans, for Fans

In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

Kris covers for Merle at the Strawberry Festival 2016


Kris Kristofferson to stand in for Merle Haggard at the Florida Strawberry Festival 2016

The news reached me just as I was getting my own strawberries out, ready for planting as soon as frost allows here in the UK……

Delighted fans got to see the legends perform their own and each other’s songs and a combined  – I nearly said joint, but Willie wasn’t there – singalong when the mood took them.  The tour received rave reviews in the press, and more importantly, from the fans.

That said, concerns around Merle’s health have been growing.

Concerns around Merle’s health

According to TBReporter.com, an un-named Haggard representative offered some insight into this latest cancellation, saying,

“Due to a persistent reoccurring bout of double pneumonia, Merle Haggard is currently receiving treatment at a hospital in California and has had to postpone his concert dates in March….”

Performing is physically demanding.  Touring and travelling on top is enough to knock the wind out of anyone’s sails, a reason why many people come back from their holidays feeling like they need a rest.  Life on the road is especially hectic.  Merle has certainly earned a break.  The same source adds,

“He (Merle) looks forward to seeing his fans on his next tour in April. However, per doctor’s orders, he is going to take one more month off from life on the road to rest and recover.”

Strawberry festival? 

This is the first I have heard of it, but it sounds like great fun.  It’s:

In Plant City,  Florida

A community event

A celebration of the strawberry harvest

Big – Nearly 500 000 visitors annually

Entertaining.  Exhibits, shows, strawberries and live music

The 2016 Florida Strawberry Festival starts today (March 3) and runs through March 13.  Full information about this event can be found here

Silver Tongue and Strawberries 

The above might seem like an unusual combination at first.  Given Kris’ long-standing support of Willie’s Fourth of July Picnic and many other similar events, they are actually a perfect fit.

Kris will take to the stage on Saturday 12 March –  to covering his buddy Merle’s slot.  The festival will run from 3rd to 13th March this year, and I will be there in my dreams.  I just know that Kristofferson will fill that place with honesty, love and friendship for his friend, his fans.  He will work his magic on anyone with ears.

Management of the Strawberry Festival has arranged that anyone who bought a ticket to see Merle can either use it for admission to Kris’ show or arrange a refund.  Given the loyalty that both artists enjoy from a similar fan base, I doubt there will be many that take that option even if it’s good manners to offer the choice.

Tickets to see Kris Kristofferson were on sale at $35

If you are lucky enough to go, please tell us about it?

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Published 3 March 2016 kriskristsoffersonfan.com

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