Kris Kristofferson & Helen Kiddle

A Star is Born – the movie – is back in the headlines again. Helen Kiddle is a long time Kristofferson fan. When she felt like watching it this week, it was 1976 release that she chose from Netflix. She’s seen it before, perhaps a hundred times.

Watching Kris on film reminded her of the times she had seen him perform live. A few times – Not hundreds, yet!

Kris, the Highwaymen and the 1990’s

Yes! She did see Kris perform with that iconic group, the Highwaymen back in 1992.  Like most fans, I never got to see them live. I’m grateful for the DVDs, but they’re not really the same thing.

I asked Helen to tell us more about meeting Kris and watching him perform – with the band and as a solo act. She did more than tell us, she showed us.

Kris Kristofferson Memorabilia

Helen has some great Kris Kristofferson memorabilia. We loved looking through her treasures and asked her if we can show them to you.

One or One Hundred

It doesn’t matter how many times you hear or watch anything with Kris’ fingerprints on it – There is always something in it that ou never noticed before.

Best of All Possible Worlds

This story started with, “As I’ve just watched A Star is Born on Netflix for the 100th time, I couldn’t resist sharing this photo of when I met my first love in the 80s and was lost for words!!” – Helen was speaking about the featured photograph.

It hasn’t ended –

 there’s still a lotta drinks that I ain’t drunk
Lots of pretty thoughts that I ain’t thunk – 

Kris is still touring and Helen will see him again if she gets the chance. Meantime, she’s sharing her memories with us.

Time Changes Everything – (but it won’t change me)

Helen says, “You asked me to share more Kris experiences. I am a very lucky lady indeed as I met Kris on three separate occasions ’92,’ 93 and ’94. As you will see I have two autographs.. One of which has my name and the word PEACE. I also have two of his guitar plectrum. One is initialed, K. K –  I hope you enjoy my pics.”

Helen – I love them, and I think others will too. Thank you plenty for sharing them. I’m jealous, grateful and wonder if you feel like I do whenever I see or hear Kris in any form? How’s that? Well, like I think I’d feel if fairy dust got sprinkled in my hair, or maybe ….. Nope. It’s impossible to explain. I’ll stop trying and just flip through your album.

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All pictures belong to H Kiddle u0026amp; used with permission.

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