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Kris Kristofferson by Fans, for Fans

In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

Kristofferson & the Strangers – A gig Review

Kristofferson Blue Bracelet

by Joey Lee Sinavage

This concert took place on the 14 April 2019 at the Kirby Center. Other fans attended the same gig.

The concert started at 7 pm ….. Kris looked in great shape. Came out with a skip in his walk and a gleam in his eye. They played for an hour then took a
15-minute break. The crowd went wild when he and the band returned. Hit after hit came pouring out, the crowd was loving every minute!

They even did a few Merle Haggard tunes since Merle’s band, The Strangers are currently backing Kris. The Kirby was just shy of a packed house.
I’d say about 1600 people. I had a great seat – 4th row…. centre! In the past, I saw Kris in concert before but he
looked different, more healthy and strange to say, younger and he showed it.

All I can say is, Kris was fantastic!

Joey’s Guitar

My Gibson SJ ” Kristofferson ” Acoustic Guitar I bought in 2010 for $3200.00 ……. signed inside the hole by Kris himself !!!! In case anyone asks, Kris signed the paper then they glued it inside. I love the guitar and the tone is from Heaven 

Gibson SJ " Kristofferson " Acoustic Guitar
Photo credit Joey Lee Sinavage

2 thoughts on “Kristofferson & the Strangers – A gig Review

  1. Hi Richard,

    Thank you for your kind message. This site is basically just me & fellow fans sharing our experiences. I am delighted that you have found something of interest in it, and thank you for taking the time to share with us.

    Kris, like many of us, has stuggled with mood issues at different times in his life. I believe that this is part of whatever it is that makes him my favourite songwriter and performer of all time. He has guided many of us through the highs and lows and the everyday “other” parts of our lives.

    kriskristofferson.co.uk is our other site (mainly because this one got quite big, and takes time to load. If you use Facebook at all, we do have a group that is quite active where we chat about all things Kris. We are scattered all over the world, and are unable to attend every gig (especially with Kris’ schedule!) but we are able to follow him through others who do attend and share their pics, videos and thoughts.

    Our Facebook Group is https://www.facebook.com/groups/kriskristoffersonappreciation/

    I enjoy chatting to other fans because my family do not share my interest, and really do not understand it. It is hard for me to understand how anyone can listen to the lyrics of any of his songs and not be blown away. I cannot imagine a world without him being in it through his songs, open and honest communication and sheer talent.

    This space is a labour of love and is probably full of errors. Please feel free to point any out and I will do my best to fix them

    Great to have you here, and thank you again,

    Best regards,


  2. I can’t believe I found this site. Kristofferson is one of the biggest influences in my life. I was a shy, anxious kid who had a great deal of trouble expressing my feelings.. I took guitar lessons at the parks and recreation when I was eleven years old. I sat in my bedroom playing guitar from the time I got home, until the time I went to bed. Baseball, basketball and later, boxing where my other passions. But when I was twelve years old. I somehow got a Kristofferson album and put it on my record player. When I heard “For The Good Times, my life changed forever. I found what was and is to this day a passion I had no idea I could have. I wore that record out, and songwriting became the most important thing l ever did and continue to do to this day.. I didn’t know what it was called, but I now know I have suffered from depression my entire life. Listening to Kris has been one of the few things that has allowed me to feel. I absolutely have leaned on him for forty seven years. Sad ballads are what I have always loved and out of the well over a thousand songs I’ve written, about half of them are in that category. From the first day I heard For The Good Times, it is the best ballad ever written There are many great ones, but none perfect, except that one. I have won some songwriting contests, played in restaurants and bars for forty years and have had more than thirty songs published in Nashville. A few of them were recorded by big artists in the 80’s , but none made an album. So I didn’t have the talent to become a professional songwriter. At sixty years old, looking back, I honestly don’t care. I don’t have any idea how I would have lived without songwriting and I don’t know how I would have become a songwriter without my hero, Kris Kristofferson. I have seen him in concert many times both with his band and just him and his guitar and each time has been magic for me.. I am a psychologist, and was the Director Of Mental Health got a non profit children’s clinic for more than twenty years. Unfortunately, l was a semi pro boxer and college pitcher, and I have been diagnosed with a brain injury from too many concussions. I had to retire because of that and also have had too many surgeries to count and have broken nearly every bone in my body. I can’t work or play sports, which I miss greatly, but I still write songs. And in forty years of playing in bars and restaurants, I have never played a night without playing at least one of his songs. Not once. I am envious of those of you who have met him and that beautiful guitar he signed. I have autographs on my music room wall of some stars I’ve been lucky enough to meet over the years like Stevie Nicks, All the members of Aerosmith, Asleep at the Wheel, and others. As nice as they were to me , I’d give up all of those meetings and autographs for one chance to get to tell him how much he has meant to me. I feel very lucky to be here with other people who love him also. I’m going to read everything on here. Thank you so much for letting me join you.
    Dr. Richard Hughes

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