Kristofferson & the Strangers – A gig Review

Kristofferson Blue Bracelet

by Joey Lee Sinavage

This concert took place on the 14 April 2019 at the Kirby Center. Other fans attended the same gig.

The concert started at 7 pm ….. Kris looked in great shape. Came out with a skip in his walk and a gleam in his eye. They played for an hour then took a
15-minute break. The crowd went wild when he and the band returned. Hit after hit came pouring out, the crowd was loving every minute!

They even did a few Merle Haggard tunes since Merle’s band, The Strangers are currently backing Kris. The Kirby was just shy of a packed house .
I’d say about 1600 people. I had a great seat – 4th row…. center! In the past I saw Kris in concert before but he
looked different, more healthy and strange to say, younger and he showed it.

All I can say is, Kris was fantastic!

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