Kristofferson European Tour Highlights

Kris Kristofferson European Tour Highlights (2018)

The Alternative version

Kris Kristofferson European Tour Highlights is a work in progress. It’s for lovers of classic fun u0026amp; trivia. if you have anything to add, send it in. If it fits – we’ll add it. Criteria? It MUST make you giggle / grin or grizzle.

Mainstream pics material can be found by browsing our FanPix u0026amp; Vids

Scott Joss speaks about the European Tour 2018 u0026amp; Kris u0026amp; the Road

Scott Joss How Far To Jordan feature interview 9/20/2018


Kenworthy House -26 June 2018

From the elegant Kenworthy House performance we have an age old classic –  The sideshow. I would buy tickets to this alone 🙂

Credits: Featured image is by Frank Schwichtenberg u0026amp; CreativeCommons (CC) Lic

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