Fancy treating yourself or someone special to a gift? While I have not been able to find an official source for merchandise, I will share any tidbits I do find here. This site is UK based, but you should be able to source any official merchandise from wherever you might be in the world.

Fans supporting fans keeps the spirit alive. That is what we are all about.

Amazon from the USA

Buy any item from Amazon USA via the logo below, and our site gets a small comm to help keep us going, without it costing you any extra.

Amazon from the UK

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Jewellery or Trinkets

Visit DREAMING OF SPRINGTIME to support Michele and ask her about pieces she has made specifically inspired (and shown) to Kris Kristofferson. The below example comes from the song, Kristofferson, by Tim McGraw – Ask about others.

Kristofferson – Tim McGraw

Interested in buying prints without the watermark? Email or message for the photographer’s contact details.

Johnny Cash and Charley’s Pride is a new book by Peter Cooper. Kris Kristofferson added a quote to the back cover. Read more here or just treat yourself or a friend to a collection of intimate tales from Music City by a guy who was and still is there. 

Treat yourself to the Collection

The Gift of Music – Scott Joss ft Kris Kristofferson

Or search in your home country for non UK

Peter Walsh – Poetry

Visit Peter Walsh’s poetry page.

The Mirror was written as a birthday gift for the Silver Tongued Devil himself

The Fighter (Written on a Sunday) is about the unthinkable

Thoughtful Gifts

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