May 20, 2024

Kris Kristofferson by Fans, for Fans

In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

Kris (Kristofferson) & Carol (VIP)


Kris Kristofferson u0026amp; Carol Rennick

Remembering Ottawa 2007 

People travel miles u0026amp; miles to see Kris Kristofferson perform live on stage. He communicates like no other artist. He has a way of making each person in the audience feel like he is talking directly to them. I always leave a concert feeling special, somehow.

Carol is a Kris Kristofferson fan – She shares her tale of the time she was treated like someone really special. I assume the following took place at the Ottawa Folk Festival – But haven’t checked this yet. This is her story ..


Eleven years ago tonight I met Kris in Ottawa.  My niece had got me a VIP pass to the gig. 
I was literally standing at Kris’ car door when he just got out u0026amp; shook my hand. 

A photographer for the paper was there snapping pictures. I asked him for copies…u0026amp; got them.

The VIP armband meant  I was allowed anywhere. I watched the whole concert standing about a foot from the stage… 
What a great memory. 

I found out the next day – The funniest (u0026amp; perhaps the lucky-est?) thing –  Because of the armband, the concert people thought I worked for Kris – u0026amp; the Kris team thought I worked for the concert team..

I was allowed to go anywhere. It was perfect. 


This year (2018) a friend of mine was at a party that Kris was at u0026amp; and had him autograph my VIP armband from that gig back in 2007. How cool is that?


Ottawa 2007 is my most favorite concert, ever …. u0026amp; I have been to quite a few 🙂  


Just wanted to share this

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