June 22, 2024

Kris Kristofferson by Fans, for Fans

In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

Mike Wilkinson


Kris’ has always been more popular in countries outside the USA and Europe than some realise. His music has received a lot of attention in Africa, Russia and of course Australia and New Zealand. A lot has happened since Kris last toured Australia back in 2014 as part of the Feeling Mortal Tour.

Kris Kristofferson is about to tour Australia and New Zealand again, this time with the Strangers as part of his worldwide 2019 tour.

We were delighted when some fans from that side of the world joined our FanGroup. Janice Campbell shared momentoes from Kris’ Australian tours in 2005 and 2014, my cousin sent me photographs of a guitar (autographed by Kris) on display in Australia’s Country Music Hall of Fame. Both here.

Mike Wilkinson joined us, too. We knew Mike appreciates Kristofferson, we all do.

Mike Wilkinson Fantalk

We discovered later, during our group Thursday social event, that Mike is also a Country music singer, songwriter and musician from the South West of Western Australia.

Mike spoke about how he became attracted him to country music, the man affectionately known as the Hag, and Kris Kristofferson, too.

I have always loved Kris’s story of how he got started in music. Having a day job as a janitor but the love and ability to write and play such wonderful songs and just needing to be in the right place at the right time and getting that one break to do what he loves best. His solo music as well as the Highwaymen include songs that I grew up listening to that stand the test of time and will continue to be played and listened to for a very long time to come With Kris recently Touring with The Strangers ( Merle Haggards Band ) who I am a huge fan of just love the HAG, I look forward to hopefully seeing Kris in concert someday soon still giving the world real Country Music.

Mike Wilkinson

Mike Wilkinson performs Sunday Morning Coming Down

Sunday Morning Coming Down - Mike Wilkinson

Mike, Kris, the Strangers, Australia and 2019

This is an exciting time. Kris has inspired many songwriters and musicians. We hope the upcoming tour sees a few dreams come true for many artists. The upcoming tour Down Under is a double treat set to accommodate Kris’ fans as well as providing a golden opportunity for country music fans to see, hear and possibly meet some of the artists who were closest to Merle Haggard.

Scott, Doug and Jeff

Scott Joss, Doug Colosio and Jeff Ingraham joined Kris on stage some time back, after many years backing Merle as members of his band, the Strangers. They won over wary European fans who were accustomed to our beloved Kris’ performing solo gigs most of the time. When the next European tour came along, most Kris fans had come to regard them as old friends.

Scott Joss

Scott Joss is a highly respected, world-class fiddler. Without giving too much away, he has been treating audiences in Europe and the USA to a solo as part of the setlist, and his own album features Kris Kristofferson.

We don’t have an Amazon Australia link for Australia yet, but you could search for the album locally, listen to or source it from Scott’s record site, or maybe best of all – Grab a copy from the merch table at a gig and perhaps Scott’s wife, the lovely Judy, might arrange for Scott to autograph it for you.

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Doug Colosio

Watch Doug’s face while he tickles those keys! He has a grin big enough to cross the world, and if he has any time off, he’ll be checking out the local artefacts. Doug has a thing for the unusual, and a busy Etsy shop called Dougie’s Treasures.

Jeff Ingraham

Jeff is the beating heart of the lineup. He might be at the back of the stage most of the time, but you can feel him all over the performance – Right through to your tapping feet.

Last words from Mike

I am not a full time professional but I’m working on it and yes I have a day job ( Garden Maintenance business ) it helps finance the dream. 

Mike, about himself

We wish Mike loads of fun and friendship in our FBGroup


Mike Wilkinson Country Music – YouTube

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