June 22, 2024

Kris Kristofferson by Fans, for Fans

In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

Busking Music City, England

Busking Music City

Simon Aldridge and Terry Crouch busking Music City, England

These musos enjoy making good music to help passers by make it through. Sometimes another buddy joins them. England might not be quite as well known for its music as the country of her cousins a long haul flight away, but the vibes are there if you listen.


Colchester is a town in Essex. It’s the oldest named town in England. Pliny the Elder, the Roman writer,  mentioned it in AD77. He called it by its pre-Roman name – Camulodunum. After hearing the music coming from its streets, some of us now call it Music City. (It’s also easier to spell.)

Simon Aldridge and Terry Crouch

Simon Aldridge and Terry Crouch make music. Some of it takes us right back to the spirit and the heydays of Old Nashville. It’s getting frosty on Mud Island. It’s Autumn, anything below 22c feels arctic to me. Good music will always help me make it through whatever life (or the north wind) blows my way. I’ll be listening out for more from Simon, Terry and their other muso buddy.

The Story

Terry mentioned Kris’ song, Help Me Make it Through the Night. Simon has such a superb voice that there’s not much he can’t sing and make sound good. He turned his vocals to Kris’ tune, and it’s now a firm favourite.

Unplugged Happens

Kris enjoys hearing others perform his songs. We prefer hearing Kris sing his own songs, but he’s not always around when the mood for some unplugged happens.

Help Me make it Through the Night

Kris Kristofferson in full effect – Great little session on the streets of Colchester, joyfully sandwiched between the sausage stall and doughnut seller.


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