Kris Kristofferson Sketches

Milan Gagic

Kris Kristofferson sketches – Art from the heart. 

Milan Gagic captures Kris Kristofferson in his collection of sketches. It is extremely difficult to show art on the internet, but I hope these Kris Kristofferson sketches resemble the original artwork closely enough for you to enjoy them.

I am not sure which one is my favourite. The silver Tongued Devil has evolved a little, but as he says in the Promise, a very personal song written for his children… u0026amp; their mammas too,

“Time changes everything, but it won’t change me – I love you…”

Back@you, Kris. I wonder whether you have any idea of the lives you have touched, u0026amp; the love you have earned.

Kristofferson ink

Kris Kristofferson sketches


© Milan Gagic

Please don’t steal. Ask.

Milan’s other favourite artists are Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Bruce Springsteen, Townes Van Zandt, Joni Mitchell… u0026amp; more.

Milan Gagic

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The Promise

From the biggestkkfan – The best Kris Kristofferson channel on youtube which belongs to a avid fan.

Kris Kristofferson – The promise (1993)


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