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Sunday Morning Coming Down – Christian opinion

Sunday Morning Coming Down, Christian Opinion Article 2015

Sunday Morning Coming Down, the Kris Kristofferson song, was recorded by Ray Stevens in 1969, Kris himself in 1970, by Johnny Cash in the same year (winning him the Country Music Association Award for song of year), and by many others including artists as diverse as Shawn Mullins, South African band Wonderboom, Jerry Lee Lewis and Willie Nelson has been referenced in a Christian article by Rev. Eric Strachan last week.

Titled, “Something you lost along the way”, this article explores why children who grow up in Christian homes stray from their faith, and an incident where he was in the company of drinkers who broke out into song, choosing the hymn, “The Old Rugged Cross” as their sing-a-long tune.

He wondered why people who had once loved the Lord would do that if they were currently living worldly lives far away from Christian life, and why often people think about God when they have been drinking or drugging.  In his opinion, it is not just because drinking alcohol lessens inhibitions.

It was interesting to me that this old song still makes an impact, but I was not surprised that this work still makes an impact today.  Kristofferson’s work has helped many, including helping a student many years ago get a grip on Figures of Speech for an English Literature exam when the study material wasn’t quite grabbing a teenage mind.  He helped then, when Shakespeare himself failed 🙂

A link to the article is found here


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