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Kris Kristofferson & Roddy Hart


Kris Kristofferson and Roddy Hart : Serious Songwriters and Singers

I first saw Kris Kristofferson and Roddy Hart perform together many years ago –  Probably around 2008, and with Eddi Reader. It was great to see them perform together a few more times over the years, and they shared the stage again at Glasto 2017.

Roddy Hart was about 28 when I first saw him perform with Kris Kristofferson. Kristofferson said, from the stage, that when he heard HOME for the first time, that is sounded like something he had / should have written.

Bookmarks was released in 2007, so Roddy must have written Home when he was around 26. Kris Kristofferson features on the album.

In later years, Roddy Hart has gone his own road. A talented songwriter and musician, he also has a social conscience and has worked hard to promote local music and talent.

Roddy Hart

  • Born and raised in Glasgow
  • Graduated from university (1st class law degree)
  • Followed his heart and art instead of using his education
  • Recorded under various Indie labels
  • Participated in Homecoming – Scotland (wrote new melodies for the words of Burns, the famous poet)
  • Performed for the Queen in 2009 (we don’t have presidents)
  • Curated Forever Young: A 70th Birthday Tribute To Bob Dylan as part of Celtic Connections
  • Roseanne Cash was one of the artists who features in the above tribute
  • Formed his own band – Lonesome Fire
  • Appeared (with the band) on American television in 2014
  • Curates Roaming Roots Revue which promotes international and local songwriters and collaborations
  • Presents on Radio Scotland

Kris Kristofferson and Roddy Hart

There are more than five decades that separate these songwriters.

On the surface, there is little that connects them. Yet .. they have a lot in common, and certainly look at home when they perform together. Kris did help Roddy Hart break into the harsh world of writing music and performing on stage and in the studio. 

Kris Kristofferson

  • From Brownsville, Texas. He grew up on the road as his father was posted to different places
  • Rhodes Scholar
  • Followed his heart instead of using his education / academic opportunities
  • Recorded for many labels over the year, including some Indie
  • Known for Americana music, social conscience and cultural productions (Texas Rising)
  • Performed for presidents
  • Connected to Dylan – Pat Garret and Billy the Kid, both spent time with Johnny Cash in the early days, they’ve sung each others songs and then there’s THAT concert …
  • Hosted or been included in events with Roseanne Cash
  • Performed with bands – like Borderlords

Kris Kristofferson in Bright Lights Video (from 1.13)

Roddy Hart & The Lonesome Fire - Bright Light Fever (Official Video)

Kris Kristofferson and Roddy Hart – Home

Kris Kristofferson & Roddy Hart - Home (2016)

Home – Lyrics

Put on your coat and take my hand
Tonight we’ll leave this broken land
It’s not too late, no debt is owed
It’s just us babe, and this dark road 
So shine a light to lead the way
With you I’ll walk, with you I’ll stay
God knows no-one should feel alone
God knows to me you feel like home

Those fields of hope, lie up ahead
Forget the past, the past is dead
For what we were is lost somehow
It’s what we’ll be that matters now
I don’t have much that much is true
But what I have I’ll give to you

God knows no-one should feel alone
God knows to me you feel like home

But sometimes, girl, I wish you knew
What this whole world can put you through
It holds you close, then cuts you loose
I guess the rest is up to you
God knows no-one should feel alone
God knows to me you feel like home


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