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A Star is Born – Again?

Star is Born Review

Star is Born 2018 – Film Review

Tina is an active Kris Kristofferson fan. She is also provides the best Kris Kristofferson video channel on youtube. Tina went to see the new release a Star is Born, u0026amp; shares her opinion.

A Star is Born – Movie Review by T Stapelfeldt

Well, have just returned from the movie theatre. Actually, already did so about 3 hours ago. What I actually did when I returned home? I put on the dvd of the original movie. Yep, I know it was a remake too, but not for me, I only got the chance to watch the one with Kris before. Didn’t even know it was a remake until the talk about this new one came on.

Spoiler alert!
If you’re going to watch the movie, do not read my review ?

My opinion: (and I didn’t get to Kris through his movies but through his songs, the movies came after I really had recognized him)

I do not regret I did watch the new one. But I don’t feel a need to watch it again. Actually, if it had been on tv, I probably would have switched to another channel after 20 minutes. If it had been a dvd, I would have skipped to the ending. Now you should know, I don’t really like Lady Gaga. She started pretty well and even looked real, like a young motivated and talented girl, but after about 60 minutes she was Lady Gaga (sex appeal seems to be the most important, too much make-up, too little clothes). And she was kinda arrogant to me from the beginning. Not as shy and charming as Barbra.

I did not feel anything for her character, I only felt sorry for Bradley’s. He had some great songs in it, and I loved their duets (and, Lukas Nelson is in it and he co-wrote a lot of Bradley’s songs!) I really enjoyed Bradley’s singing. But to me, there was no real chemistry between them both. It just did not feel real to me. The last part of the movie maybe still was the best part of it. But, it was not really touching although I felt sad for Jack, and only for him. It was even more senseless of him to commit suizide to me, because he wasn’t even that burnt out and worn out like John Norman, he was just kinda selfpity. 

To me, the movie never gets as deep as the previous one. I really wonder when they will do a remake in which the loving couple will just punch that stupid manager in his face and do their own thing and be great and happy together lol

While watching the 1976 movie again, there really was chemistry between Ester and John Norman, like when Kris put his hand on hers or touched her softly in several scenes. Or just the way he looked at her and she looked at him. Or the way they talked with each other, kidding and being ironical. They also did not end up in bed as fast and easily, although they really did love each other from the very beginning and I can feel their love. And there was much more pain in the old movie… Because they loved eaxh other so much. No emotions like that with the new movie in me… Everything is fast and superficial somehow.

But if you are a Lady Gaga fan, you will like it anyway.
Ups, that was a pretty long critic ?

Footnote: Lukas Nelson is in it and he co-wrote a lot of Bradley’s songs! I really enjoyed Bradley’s singing ?

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A Star Born is the movie that captured my 15 year old heart

John Norman Howard introduced me to a Kris Kristofferson who was exciting u0026amp; simply ROCKED.  Angst in the movie magnified my teenage emotions, u0026amp; I remain a loyal fan. I have bought records, cds, dvds, merchandise, movies, recordings of live shows u0026amp; tickets for live shows. A Star is Born again – with the remake in production.

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Appreciation has changed in nature of the years, u0026amp; the things I admire most about this artist have more to do with his talent u0026amp; convictions than they did back then. Well, this is true most of the time. There are still times when he looks right at u0026amp; through you from the screen, u0026amp; other times when his voice hits that certain pitch …… But that could be more about me remembering the painful genius u0026amp; heights of clarity that are perculiar to being a teenager.

It seems the long discussed remake of the 1976 remake of the movie that brought Kristofferson into my world is about to weave it’s magic again.  Kris himself is about to turn 80, I wonder if he has any thoughts about this movie now?

2018 Insert update:

What Kris Kristofferson fans say about the Star is Born remake

  • Looking forward to seeing the NEW Star is born, just to see what they do with it. However, A Star is Born is and will always be my ALL TIME favorite movie. I can watch it over and over again, which I have at times. The sound track tells such a love story, and I can’t imagine anyone but Kris and Barbra playing those roles!!! Sad and sacrificing ending. Selfish on his part and loving all in the same breath…Just loved it!! Was thrilled when they put it on Netflix this summer! However, will the new one stand up to the old one? Will it have that UMPH? Time will tell…. Donna Piergallini


  • No couple will ever replace Kris and Barbra in any remake of ASIB, I agree. My ALL TIME favorite movie (that one is easy, can’t pick a favorite song, though). But I have to say the trailer for this remake seemed good to me…he’s a sexy guy, she’s a great performer and vocalist (IMHO) and I thought they also had good chemistry. Emily Gmitter

End of insert. 

Kristofferson quotes regarding a Star is Born

(unverified, source material links included)

Kris Kristofferson Quotes – 1976

1976, Kris is said to have told a newspaper (according to source )

“There were reports that Mick Jagger was going to do it, or Elvis Presley, or Bob Dylan. Barbra kept calling and telling me about the script and singing the songs; she’d carry on for half an hour.”

Comment:  Mick Jagger/Bob Dylan?  I am so very pleased that Kris took this pivotal role

“At first I was afraid they were going to make the husband the kind of singer you’d find in a Las Vegas lounge. I didn’t think that was a good idea, and I told them so. He didn’t necessarily have to be a superstar, but he had to be an important attraction.”

Comment: Kris was perfect.  Good enough, bad enough, vulnerable u0026amp; stubborn enough.

“They wanted him to be a drinker, like in the previous versions. That wasn’t realistic in today’s music world. So it was changed to drugs.” Source

Comment: Spot on.

1976 – On Barbara Streisand

“scared to death of her—the best description is ‘formidable.’ Source 


Kris kristofferson Quotes – 2001

Reportedly At Streisand’s American Film Institute tribute in 2001 – This was televised, but sadly I cannot find a copy or another source to verify  Source  If you can help, as always please add, remove or correct me?

Kristofferson is said to have reflected as follows:  – source

“Making A Star is Born with Barbra was a challenge I didn’t always respond to gracefully. But our hearts were in it, and we did some wonderful work together.”

Comment:  There are some brilliant scenes in this movie.  Do you have a favourite?

“And the critics clobbered it.”

Comment: it made Kris many fans who might not have noticed him before then

It was great training for Heavens Gate. I think, maybe, the old boys network thought she was an uppity female. I don’t know where they got that idea. But it was probably for the same reasons that I respect her: for fighting for what she believes in; and for her fierce dedication to the realization of a dream. It ain’t for sissies. I respect that. But I love the little girl I saw in her eyes in the soft scenes, like on the stairway”  This was follwed by thanking Babra for everything.  

Comment: What a gentleman 🙂  Everything?  He has a mind that never stops linking things, in this case, back to the soundtrack


A Star is Born Take 4/Take 5?

The briefest of timelines for the A Star is Born movies

1932 What Price Hollywood Mary Evans (played by Constance Bennet) is the young inexperienced actress who becomes famous with the help of Max Carey – Director/Alchoholic (played by Lowell Sherman) Source or see *

1937 A Star is Born  Esther Victoria Blodgett (played by Janet Gaynor) becomes the star Vicki Lester, under the guidance of the popular but alchoholic actor Norman Maine (played by Fredric March) Read More

1954 A Star is Born Victoria  Blodgett/Vicki Lester (played by Judy Garland) u0026amp; Norman Maine (played by James Mason) play out the story in a musical which was very well received.  It was cut to reduce to viewing time, causing much unhappiness u0026amp; controversy.  It was lster restored, much later in 1984 u0026amp; was therefore never seen by Ms Garland

1976 A Star is Born Ester Hoffmann is played by Barbra Streisand, John Norman Howard is played by Kris Kristofferson.  In this version, the troubled superstar’s vice is drugs instead of booze


A Star is Born – the movie 2017

Could 2017 see the next remake?  It would be either version 4 or 5 depending on whether or not you consider 1937’s What Price Hollywood as the source.

Deadline speculated back in May that there was a possibility of Bradley Cooper u0026amp; Lady Gaga being the next star crossed duo – Source u0026amp; run with an update earlier this month Source

In the 1976 release, there was a lot of speculation around the male lead.  While Streisand was fixed as the female lead, Presley u0026amp; Brando were just 2 actors who are said to have been approached to play John Norman Howard.  The 2017 remake has attracted the same level of speculation, this time around who will be the male u0026amp; the female lead.


A Star is Born 2018 – Update

Expected released dates are 5 October 2018 (USA)  u0026amp; Autumn in the UK

The plot is familiar. Bradley Cooper plays country music star Jackson Maine, with Lady Gaga playing the part of Ally – A talented but unknown singer whose career takes off as Jackson’s career passes it’s peak.

Cooper will co-produce alongside others including Clint Eastwood.

The songs are new – Including contributions by Lukas Nelson.

Some scenes were shot during Kris Kristofferson’s performance at Glasto 2017



Source u0026amp; More: BBC u0026amp;  SmoothRadio


*Major Film Directors of the American and British Cinema, Volume 1999  (pg 78)  By Gene D. Phillips

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