June 21, 2024

Kris Kristofferson by Fans, for Fans

In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

The 1970s

Kris Kristofferson’s musical career really started happening towards the end of the 1970s. He had other careers which are well-known and touched on here. Like most successes in life, it never did happen overnight. Experiences during this era influenced Kris’ work for much of the time that followed.

Early Unlicensed Footage from 1970s

This footage is a wonderful clip showing Kris right at the time when his music career was starting to take off. He is aware that the camera is rolling, and clearly self-conscious.

Links to Kristofferson 1970s – Era information

We’ll add links to interesting articles from the era. Let us know what you find?

Kris Kristofferson "Me & Bobby McGee" 1970 (Reelin' In The Years Archive)
Great find, Virginia – Thank you. Credits are included in the clip

Clips from the 1970s (random order)

Kris & Janis Threadgills

Kris & Janis 1970

Kris and Janis Joplin or Janis and Kris Kris and Janis Joplin - or was it Janis and Kris (Kristofferson)? ...
1972 Kris-Donnie-Stephen-Bruton-Terry-Paul

Kristofferson 1972

At Lennies with Lorrie - Bruton, Donnie, Paul and Kristofferson 1972 I forgot some of the great music that came ...

Kristofferson Live 1970 on stage – High Quality Video

Kristofferson Live 1970 s Kris Kristofferson's first album, released as Kristofferson in 1970, then as Me and Bobby McGee in ...

Me and Bobby McGee

Me and Bobby McGee: My first Kristofferson LP Me and Bobby McGee was the first Kristofferson LP record I ever bought ...

Sabre and the Rose

About an enigmatic song, an enigmatic dog and my little girl Sabre and the Rose wasn't my favourite song from ...

Why Me – the story

Why Me - Often Dedicated to the (Vietnam) Vets The Why Me story dates back to the early '70s. The ...

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