April 13, 2024

Kris Kristofferson by Fans, for Fans

In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

Kristofferson Dublin Ireland 2018

Olympia Dublin Ireland

Kris Kristofferson Dublin Ireland 2018

Dublin, Ireland is a long time favourite place. Kristofferson, Dublin, Ireland is a great fit. It even sounds lyrical

  • Kris has said he really enjoys playing the city
  • Fans almost always buy every ticket available
  • Extra dates are often added to keep up with demand
  • Band members have added their input. Doug Colosio tweeted about the singalongs

Kris Kristofferson plays the Olympia, Dublin – Often

The Olympia features large on any Kristofferson tour plan. In later years, the income from one gig has been donated to an Irish charity. Kris Kristofferson, music u0026amp; social issues blend together brilliantly in this capital that has seen every side of history. More about the tour (Irish leg) here or flashback to 1982

Olympia, Dublin Fanpics

28 June 2018 by A Kavanagh

Fanpics include snaps of Jeff Ingraham (drums) u0026amp; Scott Joss (fiddle). Doug Colosio (Keys) also on performed, making up the 3rd member of Kris’ touring band, Some of the Strangers.


Olympia Theatre, Dublin 30 June 2018 Fanpics

More Kristofferson Dublin Ireland Tour … Pics include Doug Colosio, Jeff Ingraham u0026amp; Scott Joss



Fanpics Gallery by A Kavanagh

Featured Photograph is CC , u0026amp; taken by William Murphy. Found here u0026amp; cropped to remove some passers-by. Photo link includes some venue history.

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