Ode to John Prine & Kris Kristofferson

Kristofferson Prine Song

Friendships don’t count cost. Prine / Kristofferson are a pair that go back a long way. Kris Kristofferson’s Jesus was a Capricorn is owed to John Prine. This Ode to John Prine is a gift – with a nod to Kris. 

John Prine celebrates his birthday on 10 October. Kris often remembers his friends. Michael Danyluck is songwriting fan of both of these iconic wordsmiths. He wrote this song (as songwriters do) to remember Mr John Prine’s birthday this year.

I hope you enjoy it as much as as we do – u0026amp; that we get to hear it performed one day.


Savin’ a Seat – A song by Michael Danyluck

Michael says, “Here is my birthday present to Mr. John Prine. I hope to record it by Christmas and maybe sing it in person ….Someday.”

“Savin’ a Seat”

Well its truly been an honor, it really has been swell
Listenin’ to the songs, and stories that you tell
And the angels in heaven, have made you a sign
Sayin’ this place is reserved, for Mister John Prine.

“So sing a thousand songs, and dance a jig for fun
Yesterday is done, and tomorrows still to come
Heavens Door Whiskey, is sold out I hear
But I promise to save you, some Calabogie beer!”

God bless the storytellers, Willie, Bob and Kris
They don’t make ’em like they used to
…I don’t need to make a list
And some day we’ll all go fishin’, and have a real good time
And we.ll always save a seat, for Mister John Prine!


Happy Birthday from all of us, John. With a tip of the hat to Willie, Bob u0026amp; of course … Kris. Thank you for saying it for us, Michael. 


Prine /Kristofferson – Sharing a Stage


Footnote : Calabogie is a small town about 500 residents(near Ottawa) and the brewery, AND lake are very closeby –  I am now 65 yrs. young 🙂  When I was about 16, I started writing and playing…Kris and Bob Dylan were my faves, and the first songs learned –  John Prine shortly thereafter. “Heavens Door Whiskey” (by Bob D) is not available in Canada, and sold out in August as I was hoping to grab one for my “Official” (semi) retirement bday-oh well. Regards, Michael D

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