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Kris Kristofferson by Fans, for Fans

In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil


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Convoy was released in 1978. The film is based on the 1975 C W McCall song with the same name.

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Directed by Sam Peckinpah

Actors Include: Kris Kristofferson, Ali MacGraw, Ernest Borgnine, Burt Young, Madge Sinclair, Donnie Frits

Martin ‘Rubber Duck’ Penwald (Kris Kristofferson) is a trucker who loves his wheels, speed, women and tight-knit community of fellow truckers who stay in contact through their CB radios.

Sheriff “Dirty Lyle” Wallace (Ernest Borgnine) hates truckers. He has a particular dislike for the Rubber Duck, and has one ambition – to get him and his truck off the highways – Forever.

Melissa (Ali MacGraw) overtakes the Rubber Duck in her sporty Jaguar. Some road play involving flashing, speeding and a game of tag catches the attention of Dirty Lyle and things get very out of hand, very quickly.

Other truckers join in, and eventually form a convoy to help Rubber Duck evade capture – And to have some hellraising fun.

The film is a rollercoaster of road, trucks, drug-planting, CB radio banter, accidents, crashes, cars, love, lust, stars and county lines.

Short Review

Watched the Convoy Movie last night. Haven’t seen it in ages. I remember now why I loved it so much… Kris was the perfect rebel/anti-hero; street-smart, fairly level headed, aloof, and sooo sexy. Had a hell of a time falling asleep last night.

Although the movie wasn’t very credible, I thought it was enjoyable and dealt a bit with racism, so some social commentary in there. Certainly banking off the success of Smokey and the Bandit with the “stick it to the man” type of anti-ridiculous and anti-asinine police, so often seen in movies like Smokey, and TV shows like the Dukes of Hazard, depicting the police as bumbling idiots or just mean and evil. – Barbara Livieri

Fan Feedback

Richard – Convoy was Kris at his Box Office peak in the 70’s. It was his 3rd huge hit in a row after Semi Tough and Star is Born. It was also his 3rd movie with the late great Sam Peckinpah. It was hugely entertaining – Brilliant chase scenes with trucks, great on screen chemistry between Kris and Ali MacGraw. Bravura dodgy cop performance from Ernest Borgnine. This was a movie Kris and Peckinpah were born to work on together. It’s an enduring 70’s classic with Kris at the very top of his game.

Joy (from Down Under) prompted this post – “3am Down Under. I have just watched Convoy (or I should say I watched Kris Kristofferson !) for the ?? .. well for the umpthteen Time !!. Stilll gives me goosebumps.”

Scotty – This Movie got me interested in Kris Kristofferson and I didn’t know his name when I was a little boy. Then our friends said that’s Kris Kristofferson he sings and plays country music. What? He driveS a truck and plays country music too? I was hooked.

The truck stop fight was funny all in slow mo. Also the Jesus Freaks were awesome. Somehow I would of got along with those guys – Also the turbocharged diesel barking out of the stacks. Awesome 

Kathy – Did you know the Jesus freaks were Kris’s touring band?

Scotty – Really? Wow I never knew that – How cool is that!
As they say in the movie : Life it self is a spiritual event
I will have to watch convoy again today

Nan – Great movie – He was wonderful and looked even better and Ali was beautiful! I was hooked the first song I ever heard and after seeing him I really was hooked – the man is nothing lest than perfection. Such genius and so multitalented.

Barbara –  CB radios – My Dad had one. We had a cabin about 4 hours drive from our house. A few friends also had cabins near there and we’d drive together, in our own little convoy! We all had the CBs, and handles. My brother and I weren’t allowed to play with them. Even though the other kids were. We were so tortured 🙂

Reimer –  I have to admit that CONVOY is the only KK movie I really love…..

Liam – CONVOY is my favorite movie. I have worn out 4 video tapes and 2 dvds watching convoy. I think I pretty much know that movie word for word.

Mike – Watched it when it came out the outcome was I went back to driving long distance. A bull nose Mack with a can on the back and a xj in the chair (I can go on all night ha ha 

Nathan – The movie “Convoy,” when I was five, but at that age, but at that age I did not know Rubberduck’s name in real life or his interesting backstory. I only learned his interesting story in adulthood – Oh yes, Kris is fascinating.

Michael – I was 3 years old when it was released but I remember wanting to watch it all of the time growing up because my paw paw was a truck driver.

Chuck – Convoy loved Kris Kristofferson and loved the old Mack trucks

Bev – Love me some Rubber Duck!

Mark – Bought an album, the truck came well after so I was a fan already.

Lenka – WOW. Kris Kristofferson as Rubber Duck-Convoy movie versus Kris Kristofferson’s Music, yeah. Lovely. Keep It Music. Keep On Trucking. Cheers.

Torben – I have been a Kris ( the movie man) fan in 30 years. I have always interested me for trucks and am a truckdriver today. So naturally I have seen Convoy 100 times. Also other films with the man. In my late 30s I got his music under my skin. It became a passion to me so I read his whole life and made me a “ Danish?? Kris expert” I hear him several days a week in my lonely truck. My wife and children can some of the songs.

I’ll tell ya what – he was on the way out. When we were on Convoy, they tried to fire him, and I told them I’d walk, too, if they did. And I guess I was hot enough then that they gave a shit. But afterwards I’m walking out of there back to my truck and Peckinpah comes out and says, ‘Goddamn you, ya stupid sonofabitch, I was almost outta here and you dropped me back in this shit!

Kris Kristofferson – On Sam Peckinpah

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  1. Not much KK hasn’t accomplhed. Great song writer,singer, kind, compassionate. I’m a couple of year’s older than KK. I don’t want the world without him in it. once he, Mr cash and Roy O. we’re working on songs in the music room in Nashville, at the Radio station.

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