May 18, 2024

Kris Kristofferson by Fans, for Fans

In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

Kristofferson – Bend, Oregon

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Kristofferson, Bend, Oregon

Ronnie Burnett was at the gig in Bend, Oregon 2 July 2019. Kris performed with the Strangers


The Venue is well known and well supported. More about the event venue here

Meet Up – with Scott and Judy

Had an awesome, but brief, visit with Scotty. I had to work right up until just before the show started, and the boys (and Ms Judy) are headed to London today for one show, then headed right back! Scott and Judy were able to finally meet my wife, Carrie, in person, which has been long overdue. My phone was dying due to work, so I only took a couple of photos…. but my wife took more, so once we’re able to reconvene, I will post more.

Love and Warmth in the Cold of Oregon

Kris, and the band delivered as expected, a solid two-hour show with no break! In spite of the cold temperatures, summer hasn’t quite arrived in Central Oregon yet, it was in the low 40’s as soon as the sun started to fade!

It was very apparent that Kris and Scott have a special bond, love and respect for each other! Like none other that I have ever seen! Scott is not only a perfect compliment to Kris as a performer, with beautiful harmonies, and amazingly tasty fills on the fiddle (as he has always done with both Dwight, Merle, and ANYONE he is on stage with!) But, it was very obvious, by their interactions, that their’s is more than just a professional, bandstand only, relationship! This truly warms the heart and pulls you in from an audience perspective.

2 July 2019, Bend, Oregon – Credit R Burnett

Tribute to Judy

And, saving the best for last, the lovely Ms Judy, is as beautiful and sweet as ever! Just the fact that she and Scotty are still together after all of the years of Scott’s endless touring, speaks volumes about the love, trust and character of these two awesome individuals! If you have half an inkling of the strain that this profession can place on a relationship, you know how amazing an accomplishment that this is, and the LOVE for one another that it has to take to achieve it! In Judy’s own words last night, as we were reminiscing about when they first met (as I was there), I love him more every day! 

Congratulations you two so happy that God brought you guys together all those years ago, and your relationship is a wonderful witness to the world of how love is supposed to be!

Sorry if I am rambling on, but let me end by saying, if you are a fan, and have the opportunity, you HAVE to go and see them….. all of them! You will not regret it! Oh and by the way, tell ‘em Bubba set ‘cha y’hear!

Credits: Featured image is couresy of Marc Roed – from the 2018 Euro Tour, Denmark. Stage iamge is from another concert until tech issues resolve.


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