Band Talk Australia Tour 2019

Scott Joss treated fans to some pictures and some background the day after the first performance of the Kris Kristofferson and the Strangers Australia New Zealand Tour 2019. He shared some photographs and comments from behind the scenes at the start of the Australia New Zealand Tour.

Globetrotting – the Reality

He told fans about the long trip, extended due to runways being fixed at San Francisco airport. The work extended an already lengthy trek across the globe by causing some flights to be delayed for hours, and other flights being cancelled altogether.

We flew out of Redding, Ca. to San Francisco…then had to fly to Houston, Tx. then clear back to San Francisco, from there to Auckland, Nz THEN on to Australia…all because of runway repair in San Francisco! Wow…

Scott Joss

After the gig, Adelaide

Scott told fans that the first show in Adelaide went off exceptionally well. The band were, ” all kinda “wore out” from the flight over” – Fully understandable given the travel glitches.

The night of the first show, Kris seemed stronger than the rest of the band. We were told that he was calm cool and collected, took the microphone and sang beautifully – As well as being in great humour and very funny.

He (Kris) made a bunch of “young bucks” (us) feel kinda silly for saying things like “Man, I’m whipped” or “I cant wait to lay down in my bunk”Guys like Kris, Merle, Willie are made of different stuff then the rest of us mortals…I was just tryin’ to keep up!

Scott Joss

Kris Kristofferson – Walking in Adelaide

Photo credit Scott Joss – Kris seems to have the same ability Hag had of just being able to “blend in” when he wants to.

Inside the Band Bus

Photo Credit Scott Joss

Bobby Thumbed a Diesel Down

Photo credit Scott Joss – on the road

The View from the Band’s Hotel

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