May 18, 2024

Kris Kristofferson by Fans, for Fans

In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil


Kris Kristofferson & Sinead O’Connor

Kris Kristofferson loves Ireland. We know this because

  • Kris enjoys his gigs in Ireland. It shows
  • He donates heavily to Irish charities when he tours the Emerald Isle
  • He has told us so. Many times

Kris & Sinead 


Sinead made headlines & sparked international controversy in 1992 when she tore up a picture of the Pope on live television. She was protesting horrific, institutionalised child abuse & cover-up attempts made by the Catholic church in her native Ireland.


Bob Dylan’s 30th Anniversary concert was a highly anticipated & publicised event at Madison Square Gardens. World famous performers turned out to pay tribute to the legendary artist. Sinead O’Connor was one of them.

The huge crowd attended to honour Bob Dylan. Sinead’s appearance on Saturday Night Live just a fortnight earlier had evoked strong & divided public opinions. The sellout concert was to be recorded.

Kris Defends Sinead

Kris Kristofferson told a volatile, vocal audience,

“I’m real proud to introduce this next artist. Her name has become synonymous with courage and integrity.”

They responded with overwhelming disapproval. Sinead looked frail with her tiny frame & shaved head. Her voice was strong. She ranted through a monologue of anger …. & did it again. She was boo-ed off stage. Her performance was edited out of the cd that was later released.

It was painful to watch – One small, young girl against a tide of abuse yelling gangs of people. Kris Kristofferson stood by Sinead, held her & led her to the safety of the wings when she was done. Kris had initially been told to get Sinead off the stage. He refused to do that, & instead told her, “Don’t let the bastards get you down.” (Like the title of one of his songs)

Kris Talks about Sinead

Kris Kristofferson on his special relationship with Sinéad O'Connor

Kris in Sinead’s This is to Mother You

Kris Kristofferson featured in a Sinead O’Connor music video for the song, This is to Mother You.

I believe this was from 1997, as part of The Gospel Oak EP (Correct me if you know otherwise)

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Kris Kristofferson & Sinead O’Connor Music video


Closer to The Bone

Kris Kristofferson wrote a song about Sinead O’Connor. It featured in his 2009 alum, Closer to the Bone.

Sister Sinead – Lyrics (Extract)

I’m singing this song for my sister Sinead
Concerning the god-awful mess that she made
When she told them her truth just as hard as she could
Her message profoundly was misunderstood

There’s humans entrusted with guarding our gold
And humans in charge of the saving of souls
And humans responded all over the world
Condemning that bald-headed brave little girl

And maybe she’s crazy and maybe she ain’t
But so was Picasso and so were the saints
And she’s never been partial to shackles or chains
She’s too old for breaking and too young to tame

It’s askin? for trouble to stick out your neck
In terms of a target a big silhouette
But some candles flicker and some candles fade

& some burn as true my sister Sinead.

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4 thoughts on “Kris & Sinead

  1. Good for you Kris-may I call you Kris? You’ve always sparked indignation in fans and non-fans with the words of your music and actions. I watched as you ushered Sinead from the stage in the 90s and, and I’m proud that you did so again. No argument from me-just keep on doing what you do best- being that wonderful you. ps. My family is from Ireland on my mother’s side.

    1. Hi Bonnie, & thank you for dropping us a line. We are Kris fans sharing between ourselves & other fans. Perhaps Kris may see what we have written here someday – Meantime we celebrate Kris’ life & work. Kris doesn’t use computers at all, but when time & opportunity allow, we might print some pages off & see if we can get them to him.
      Kid regards,


  2. Mr. Kristofferson, Aloha. Sinead’s courage (and yours) has never left my memory since that Dylan tribute and SNL. That moment in time has inspired me in so many ways. I’ve always been a fan and do wish our paths had crossed while living here on Maui. I’m about to leave this lovely island to be of service in hopes of being an agent of change for a pretty fucked up world. Thanks for the decades long inspiration as I begin my own world teaching and service tour.

    1. Hi Ed, thanks for the line & best of luck on your travels – the path less, it sounds llike? It’s great to know that others have found inspiration in Kris’ work & actions as well.
      May the road rise up to meet you.
      May the wind always be at your back.
      May the sun shine warm upon your face,
      and rains fall soft upon your fields.

      Kind regards,

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