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Kris Kristofferson by Fans, for Fans

In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

Kris Kristofferson talks – Life, Career & Friends

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Kris Kristofferson talks about his Early life, Career & friends

Ireland. 7/8/2010 Kris Kristofferson talks freely about Ireland, growing up, military service, Rhodes, influences, helicopters, oil rigs, Texas, Germany, Janice Joplin, Johnny Cash & his life after losing June, Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart, Steve Bruton & more. 

    • Ireland’s always been good to me, they like poets & drunks
    • “Nearly as good as an Irish audience” – said at a concert at the Royal Albert Hall
    • Grew up on the Mexican Border
    • Dad was in the army, then airforce, then flew for PanAm so Kris was used to the road but liked Texas
    • Got a degree at Rhodes, was reading for his next when he joined the army – Which he liked
    • Flew helicopters, went to jump school, Ranger school then to Germany for 3 years
    • Flew helicopters to the rigs for a week to earn money, then tried to sell songs for week on/off
    • Got 8 kids & a bunch of grandkids
    • Mentions Janice Joplin & Sam Peckinpah
    • Johnny Cash, Columbia, pitching songs. 
    • Johnny Cash made Sunday Morning Comin’ Down the song of the year
    • The Highwaymen
    • “Johnny never got to be just normal life-size to me – He was always bigger than that.”
    • “After June died he was still working & he was still recording but I could tell he wasn’t gonna stick around very long.”
    • John was heartbroken. They were so in love. Worked, played & had a child together
    • Gone within months & that’s probably good. He was more comfortable going off to where she is.
    • Grew to like acting – Got to work with a lot of great people. Lucky as I had no training
    • Whatever worked on stage worked in films
    • They don’t hire old men anymore – (Grin)
    • Crazy Heart – Was Jeff Bridges role based on Kris? “I was never quite that drunk .. nor overweight. (Grins)
    • Jeff worked with Steve Bruton who got sick and died “i haven’t been able to watch it because of that.”
Kris Kristofferson interviewed by Miriam O Callaghan...07/08/2010.


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