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A movie review, by Barbara Livieri Semi-Tough was released November 18, 1977 : Genre – Comedy Well, I REALLY wanted to love this movie. I sat down ready for a...

Become a Kris Kristofferson Fan

How did you become a Kris Kristofferson Fan?

Emily Gmitter asked, “How did you become a Kris Kristofferson fan?” Some of the answers made us smile. We hope you enjoy them, too. If you would like to tell...

Kristofferson Belfast 1995

Ulster Hall, Belfast, 1995

Kris Kristofferson Belfast 1995 Kris Kristofferson Belfast 1995 was part of a UK & ROI wide tour. He appeared at the Ulster Hall, Belfast in March. Kris Kristofferson has toured...

Scorsese Star

Kristofferson & Scorsese

Kristofferson Scorsese – Hearts, Minds, Talent The Kristofferson / Scorsese relationship is fond, long lived & the artists have a lot in common. Kris Kristofferson has worked with many of...


Kris & Waylon

Kris & Waylon / Kris Kristofferson & Waylon Jennings Waylon Jennings was lost to the world 15 years ago this month.  Kris often talks about that rear view mirror that we...

Wild Bill Hickok 1873/4

Abilene – new Kristofferson movie 2017 – Hickok

News started trickling out late last year, then deadline.com reported that a new indie movie called Abilene was already in production (as of 9 December). Since then, a few more...


Kristofferson Best Links

Kris Kristofferson Best Links – for further information, research & enjoyment Here are some links that might be of interest to fans. Official Website – Includes a bio, tour dates, news,...

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