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Limbo – Kristofferson Film Review

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Limbo Kristofferson Film

Special thanks to B Livieri

LIMBO Kristofferson film review – Introduction

Limbo was released in 1999 and it is available free of charge in the US with Amazon Prime at the time of posting. It’s available on DVD in the UK. Interested in more Kristofferson film reviews?

Limbo Kristofferson on the cover – A Bit Part

This movie starred David Strathairn and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio with a very bit part played by Kris. This kind of boggles my mind why put a guys face on the cover of the movie that you see for maybe 2 minutes? But… on the other side of that coin, I’m glad Kris WAS in it and others like it (meaning movies with Kris in obscure parts) because I get to see so many movies that I never would have taken a glance at otherwise.

Plot Outline

Anyway, our stars meet after Donna breaks up with her band-mate/boyfriend during a wedding gig. Needing a ride home and a way to move all of her things, she picks Joe who is also working the wedding as a set up man. Joe’s a former fisherman and handyman living in Alaska. Donna is a drifter singer, traveling with her teenage daughter. Not much for the “June Cleaver” method of mothering, their relationship is strained. To make matters worse, her teenage daughter Noelle, angry but talented and introspective, has a bit of a crush on ‘old enough to be her father’ Joe.

Both of our characters have pasts, and they slowly reveal them to each other during their short courtship. In an attempt to get to know each other better, Joe takes mother and daughter out on a little excursion that he has with his estranged half brother, who just happens to show up unannounced. This is where the fun happens.

And Kris?

What about Kris you ask? Well, we see him at the hotel/bar where Donna sings, playing pool and trying to hit on Donna. Donna was not charmed by him, unfortunately for us. And then we see him near the end. Kris is a just bit player. I wonder though if some of his stuff wasn’t cut out for time sake? The move did run more than 2 hours. At the end it just seemed like he should have had a bigger part, but we’ll never know. It’s been 20 years and they haven’t made a sequel so…

Two Thumbs Up

I will definitely give this movie 2 thumbs up. Even though Kris is only in it briefly, his movie choices always seem to make me think and introduce me to something I never would have seen without him. Beautiful scenery, it is Alaska after all. It was agreat character study of the people who live in places like these, the rich opportunist looking to take full advantage of everything at his fingertips, rest of the world be damned, the average Joe, the down and out drunks on the bar stools, the hard working immigrants who keep places like fish processing plants alive, and the unknown elements who everyone knows but no one REALLY knows. Everyone has a story in this movie. I like that. Although none of them ever seem to have a real place in the story. 

Great actors, great story, great scenery… but the end!! UGHHHHHH… And no, Kris doesn’t die. 

It was written and directed by John Sayles, who I have recognized his name but knew nothing about. Turns out, he has been involved in several movies which I loved, Kris movies to be exact, such as Lone Star 1995, and Silver City 2004, and another favorite of mine, Sunshine State 2002 (no Kris). Turns out he’s been involved in many great movies, just nothing block-buster’ish. Doesn’t quite fit the Hollywood mold. Kind of like some great singer-songwriter we all know and love. 

Do see this! And then go and see the other movies by John and Kris. If you’re a movie person, you’ll love them! If you’re just looking for some Kris eye-candy, might want to skip this. He’s not horrible here, but just not very present.


Richard Powell added,

Limbo was very good but quite slow in parts….directed by john Sayles….He directed Kris in Lone Star. Now that was a cracker….It effectively was Kris’ big movie comeback

Patricia said,

I enjoyed seeing Kris and I liked the movie. The ending was great.


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