Kris Kristofferson played Tootsies

Kris Kristofferson played Tootsies

Kris was one of the many up & coming artists who played Tootsies, & he appeared at the very first Birthday Bash 55 years ago, according to a report (on that quotes the current proprietor, Steve Smith.

Tootsies Orchid Lounge is a world-famous Honky Tonk in Nashville that remains popular today.  Over the years, the venue has hosted & served the likes of Kris & Willie while they were still struggling to make their names, with the likes of Hank Williams Junior, Steve Miller & Kid Rock making more recent appearances.

Tootsies was named after the original owner,  Hattie Louise “Tootsie” Bess, who bought a lounge which, as the story goes, became known as the Orchid Lounge after mistakenly being painted orchid purple.

Whatever the real truth is, it sounds like great fun, & I wish I lived over the pond so I could have celebrated with the other Bashers – Who knows who turned up, maybe in disguise?

Tootsies Birthday Bashes include music & entertainment outdoors during the day, & I am certain this iconic venue is put to good use after the sun sets.

If ever you go, be sure to check out the wall of fame, & take a camera just in case!

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