Kris & Kelly Kristofferson in the movie Traded, April 2016

Kris & Kelly Kristofferson in Traded, the movie 2016

News of the movie came to me via a tweet from the The Michael Pare Fanclub.  Trace Atkins, Michael Pare & Kris Kristofferson appear in a new movie called Traded.

What do we know about Traded?

Not much.  If there has been a lot of hype, then I have missed it.  The information I do have follows, with the sources. According to bookmyshow

Gendre:    Western, 1880’s

Director:   Timothy Woodward Jr

Writer:      Mark Esslinger

Musician: Samuel Joseph Smythe

Kris plays the part of Billy, Kelly appears as a character called Claire

I have not seen this movie, but according to IDB, the storyline is the tried & tested tale of a father whose reputation as the the fastest draw in the west is tested when he is forced to leave his ranch in Dodge City to rescue his daughter from an old enemy.

That’s it.  We would love to hear your thoughts….

A link for more news here with thanks to another fan who spotted it before I did 🙂  

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