Kris Kristofferson Short Stories

Kris Kristofferson Short Stories

Kris Kristofferson Short Stories -Mostly fiction?

Kris Kristofferson short stories were published after he won a competition when he was a student.

Kris spoke about these fiction tales that were published in Atlantic Mag in an interview in 2009.

An extract from the 2009 interview: (link included. It’s a relaxed Q&A)

“I was writing short stories, and I remember that the biggest thing you could do in school then was they had an Atlantic Monthly short story contest, and I won it. I got first and third and a lot of honorable mentions……………………… I hope someday—and it’d better be fast—that I’ll start writing longer fiction.”

I assume that school meant college – So these stories would date sometime around or after 1954 & before he joined the army. I have requested permission to share them, but the copyright seems hard to find. To be on the safe side while still sharing them, I will be cautious & provide the links so fans can view them where they published. 

Apologies for the inconvenience, but we always respect copyright. 

Kris Kristofferson Short Stories c1954+ 

Gone are the Days – by Kris Kristofferson 

A story about a racial incident

A Rock – by Kris Kristofferson –

A story about finding a rock shaped like a naked woman

If anyone has reliable dates for these, please shout at me?

There is a great selection of other writings about & by Kris on the source website : I strongly suggest taking a browse with a large mug of your favourite brew.

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