Kris & Boris

Legend & legacy. Both of these words are often used in articles about Kris, & I hate them anew every time I read them -they just reek of mortality.

Still, the fact remains. Life does travel forward & doesn’t tarry & none of us will live forever unless a trumpet sounds real soon.

The old boys that are still with us are working on their legacies – Looking to the next generation to carry their art & work forward.

Although still a teenager, Boris Van Echelpoel is a veteran Kris Kristofferson fan. He hopes to make his future life in the industry & I think he will. He is learning his trade by looking to some of the greatest songwriting talents of our (possibly all) time.

Kris would be delighted that he has inspired another budding songwriter. We know this is important to him because of the interest he has shown in other young musicians, like Scotland’s  Roddy Hart.

I hope you enjoy this tribute as much as I do.

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